Hide Inactive Clients

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This page describes a feature available in version 7.7 and above

The Hide Inactive Clients feature is intended to optimise speed and efficiency when navigating and searching clients and their products and services within the admin area. It does this by hiding clients and their associated products and services from result sets when the client is in an inactive status.

What is an Inactive Client?

An inactive client is defined as any client whose client status is not set to "Active".

By default WHMCS automatically manages the client status attribute based on the products, services, addons and domains within the clients account. If a client user has one or more active services they will be set to Active. Those without any active services will be set to Inactive. For more information on client statuses, please refer to Client Statuses

How does it work?

On supported pages, list and search results will hide inactive clients by default.

When this occurs, a toggle button will be visible at the top of the results list. The toggle button shows the number of inactive clients currently being hidden. Toggling the button will display the hidden inactive clients.

Hide Inactive Clients Toggle

If a list or search returns only inactive clients, then the toggle will default to Off and inactive clients will be displayed.

Where is Hide Inactive Clients supported?

The following admin area client and product lists implement the Hide Inactive Clients functionality at this time:

  • Clients List (Clients -> View/Search Clients)
  • Client Product List (Clients -> Products/Services)
  • Client Domains List (Clients -> Domain Registrations)
  • Client Addons List (Clients -> Service Addons)

Hide Inactive Clients is also implemented into Intelligent Search. By default search results will render with inactive clients hidden, with a toggle option provided to view them.