Intelligent Search

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Intelligent Search is a feature of the WHMCS admin area that provides system-wide search functionality via a single unified search box.

The Intelligent Search feature was updated in WHMCS 7.7 and this page makes reference to some new functionality only available in WHMCS 7.7 and later.

Performing a Search

To perform a search, simply click into the search box located in the top right of the WHMCS admin area interface and enter a search term.

By default, searches are performed as you type and will search automatically once three or more characters have been entered and typing has stopped, or the enter button on your keyboard is pressed.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Enter/Return: Perform a search
  • Escape: Close the search results

Search Types

  • Numeric searches — Entering a numeric search term will trigger searching for Client IDs, User IDs, Contact IDs, Service IDs, Domain IDs, and Invoice IDs as well as the last four digits of Clients' credit cards. There is no minimum length restriction.
  • Alphanumeric searches — Entering a search term containing a minimum of three letters and numbers will trigger a search of:
    • Clients, Users, and Contacts: Name, Company Name, Email Address, Address, Phone Number
    • Services and Domains: Domain Name, Username, Dedicated IP, Assigned IP, Notes
    • Invoices: Invoice ID or Invoice Number
    • Support Tickets: Ticket ID, Mask, or Subject

Search Results

Show More Results

Search results are grouped into categories.

By default, the first 10 results will be displayed. If more than 10 results are available, a "Show More" link will be displayed. To view any additional results, click on this link. Only one category can be expanded at a time in this way.

Disabling search as you type

Automatic searching can be toggled off using a slide toggle button located towards the bottom of the intelligent search results pane. Disabling search as you type will persist for the duration of your current admin session. When search as you type is disabled, you must press enter to initiate a search.

Additional Search Results with Hooks

Apps and module developers can integrate with intelligent search using the Hooks system. Results from these will be grouped together in the "Other" category'.

Developers can find documentation relating to this functionality in our Hook Documentation.