International Domain Names

From WHMCS Documentation

Normally, domain names can only contain ASCII characters. International Domain Names use specialized technology to extend this. With IDN support, you can sell domains that contain a wide range of additional characters. For example, an IDN domain name could characters from the Arabic or Chinese alphabets.


WHMCS 8.0 and later include full support for IDN domain registration and transfers through eNom, ResellerClub, and LogicBoxes modules. We have also extended support to TLD in addition to the existing support for SLD and added improved validation for IDN domains.

You can enable IDN domains using the Allow IDN Domains setting at Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings > Domains.

Domain Registration

When registering a domain from either the Client Area or Admin Area, WHMCS will ask for a language. The chosen language can be changed at any time until registration is complete.

IDNs display in a human-friendly format throughout WHMCS, and also display as Punycode in the Admin Area.

Custom Modules

You can extend WHMCS's IDN support to use another registrar through the use of custom modules. For more information, see our developer documentation.