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For information regarding invoicing in WHMCS refer to this page.

Continuous Invoice Generation

Enabling this will continue to generate invoices for a product each billing cycle even if the previous invoice was unpaid. Useful when the product has a minimum term and the client is obliged to pay all invoices. When disabled no further invoices will be generated until the invoice is paid. For more information refer to this page.

NOTE: With Continuous Invoice Generation enabled, any product that is Active, or Suspended will continue to invoice regardless of the status of its previous invoice(s). Pending, Completed, Cancelled or Terminated services will not generate invoices.

Enable PDF Invoices

When enabled, a copy of the invoice will be attached to invoice notification emails in pdf format.

PDF Paper Size

This open allows you to change the size of the individual pages inside a PDF invoice. For example the A4 paper size is slightly larger than a standard Letter so more information can be displayed per page when A4 is selected.

TCPDF Font Family

This setting allows you to select which font is used in PDF invoices and quotes. By default there are two fonts to choose from; Helvetica & Freesans, but additional fonts can also be uploaded and specified here. For more information refer to PDF_Invoice#Additional_Fonts

Store Client Data Snapshot

With this option ticked, clients name, address & custom field data (for example VAT Numbers) will all be recorded and saved at the time an invoice is generated, and then both the client area and PDF invoice views will display the name/address information as it was at the time of initial creation. So even if the clients profile is edited or the billing contact changed, only future invoices will reflect those changes, existing invoices will keep their current addressee.

Once the option is enabled invoice data will start being fixed, it does not apply to invoices generated prior to being enabled.

Enable Mass Payment

Ticking this option allows clients to pay several invoices in one transaction using the options in the Due Invoices section of the client area homepage.

For more information refer to Invoicing#Mass_Payment

Clients Choose Gateway

Enabling will display a dropdown menu on the invoice allowing customers to choose which gateway they use to pay each invoice. When disabled each invoice will use the gateway the client chose upon signup.

Group Similar Line Items

Tick to enable automatically grouping identical line items into a quantity x description format. For more information refer to Invoicing_Setup#Group_Similar_Line_Items

Cancellation Request Handling

When enabled, any unpaid invoices for a service will be cancelled automatically when a client submits a cancellation request. If the service renewal has been invoiced with other items only the cancelled item will be removed from the invoice. Any discounts or group discounts that apply to the cancelled service will be removed as well.

Automatic Subscription Management

Enable this option and WHMCS will automatically cancel PayPal Subscriptions in the following circumstances:

  • A cancellation request is submitted
  • The order is cancelled or set to fraud via the admin interface of WHMCS
  • The API is used to cancel or fraud an order with "cancelsub=true" passed
  • An upgrade order is placed for the product/service

Automated PayPal Subscription Cancellation is supported for subscription profiles that start with an "I". PayPal's explains the difference as follows: A subscription profile starts with "S" if it is created before 2009, and it is not possible to cancel or manage their profiles via API call. Subscription profiles that are created after 2009 will start with "I" and these can be managed by using API call.

Enable Proforma Invoicing

Enabling this option will cause Invoices to display the term "Proforma invoice" whilst in unpaid status unpaid and "Invoice" once paid. For more information refer to this page. This functionality requires sequential paid invoice numbering, so this checkbox will also automatically tick the "Sequential Paid Invoice Numbering" option and grey it out to prevent it being disabled without first disabling Proforma Invoicing.

Sequential Paid Invoice Numbering, Sequential Invoice Number Format and Next Paid Invoice Number

Paid invoices will be given a different number to unpaid invoices. For more information refer to this page.

Late Fee Type

If you levy a one-time fee on late payments, choose whether it is a percentage or fixed amount.

Late Fee Amount

Leave as 0 to disable the late fee function, the amount entered here will be levied on customers who fail to pay an invoice by the due date.

Late Fee Minimum

Enter the minimum amount to charge in cases where the calculated late fee falls below this figure. For example if a late fee is calculated at 0.50 and the Late Fee Minimum value is 1.00, the client would be charged 1.00 instead. This is to prevent clients being charged very small late fees.

Accepted Credit Card Types

Choose the type of credit cards accepted by your payment gateway. Hold Ctrl and left-click to select multiple cards.

Issue Number/Start Date

Enabling this will prompt customers to enter the issue number and start date required from some card types.

Invoice # Incrementation

Chose by how much each invoice number will increase. Using the default option 1 invoices will be numbered: 1,2,3,4…. Changing this to 2 invoices will be numbered: 1,3,5,7….

Invoice Starting #

Only fill in this field if you want to change the number of the next invoice to be generated. This number should only ever be moved forwards. When the page reloads the field will be empty, but the change will have taken effect.