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The knowledgebase feature allows you to create a collection of commonly asked questions and their answers.

Articles can be grouped into categories, and categories can be either public or hidden, allowing you to create staff only knowledgebase entries too.

The client area offers the user the choice of browsing through the articles in your KB by category, popular tags or searching based on keywords they enter.

Creating Categories & Articles

  • The first step is to create a category to contain articles, navigate to Support > Knowledgebase and click the Add Category tab
  • Enter a name and description to be displayed to clients. Tick the Hide checkbox to make this category invisible, it will only be visible in the admin area. Click Add Category.
  • Now click the Add Article tab and enter the title of the first article and click Add Article to be taken to the editing page.
  • The Category field displays which categories this article belongs to, a single article can be assigned to multiple categories by ctrl + clicking.
  • The views and votes statistics can be changed here, it displays how many people have viewed this article and how many rated it helpful.
  • Ticking the Private checkbox will mean this article is not visible to visitors so clients must be logged in to read it.
  • The Display Order enables the default alphanumeric display order (1,2,3,a,b,c...) to be overridden with a custom one. An article with a display order value or 0 would be displayed at the top of the category, 1 beneath that, 2 beneath that and so on.
  • Enter the contents of your article in the large text area.
  • If you operate in multiple languages click the language beneath the main text area to reveal an additional text area into which the article can be translated.
  • Finally click Save Changes

Editing Articles

To edit an existing article simply click the category name and then the article name.


Knowledge base tags are available to highlight keywords relating to an article.

Tags allow you to group articles across multiple categories that share a common theme. Tags are then used to generate a Tag Cloud showing the most common themes in articles and allowing all articles associated with a given tag to be viewed.

Tags that occur more frequently will display in a larger font providing an indication of the number of articles for a given tag.

Managing Tags

  • Navigate to the article you wish to modify tags for
  • Begin typing tags into the Tags field
    • Any matching existing tags will be displayed, simply press the Enter key to add the selected tag
    • To add a new tag, continue typing and once complete hit Space or Enter
    • Tags may not contain spaces - you can however use hyphens