Manage Users

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Added in WHMCS 8.0
We added this page in WHMCS 8.0, and it requires the List Users permission. For more information, see Users and Accounts.

Access Manage Users at Clients > Manage Users. This displays a list of all of the users in WHMCS and allows you to update them separately from their associated accounts. For more information, see Users and Accounts.

Disabling Users
Disable Client Area User Management in Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings > Other can disable user management for account owners and prevent them from inviting new users.

List of Users

Adding Users
You can't add new users from this page. Instead, use the Users tab or send an invitation from the Client Area.

The list of users displays each user's ID, name, email address, Two-Factor Authentication and security question statuses, and the time at which the user last logged in.

  • The shield icon () indicates whether the user has enabled Two-Factor Authentication. A green icon indicates that Two-Factor Authentication is enabled.
  • The question mark icon () indicates whether the user has set up security questions. A green icon indicates that security questions are configured.


You can perform these actions for users:

Manage User

Click Manage User to view a list of associated accounts and edit user information. This includes the user's name, email address, and default language.

  • Use Two-Factor Authentication to disable Two-Factor Authentication for the user if it is configured. Admins cannot enable Two-Factor Authentication from within the Admin Area.
  • Use Disable Security Question to disable the user's security question. This will allow the user to set a new security question and answer in the Client Area.

Password Reset

Click the down arrow icon and click Password Reset to initiate the process of resetting the user's password. A confirmation message will appear. Click OK and the system will send a password reset email to the user's email address.