Marketing Emails Automation

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This page describes some features that are only available in version 7.5 and above

WHMCS provides the following functionality to assist you with your e-marketing:

  • Email Marketer tool for automated rule based email marketing
  • MailChimp integration for more powerful email marketing automation
  • Support for opt-in or opt-out request during registration/checkout
  • Tracking of marketing email consent history
  • Ability to restrict marketing rules and mass emails to only those who have not opted-out
  • Opt-in/opt-out links that can be included in all emails sent to customers
  • Newsletter opt-in/opt-out option accessible at all times via the client area

Email Marketer Tool

The email marketer tool allows you to schedule automated emails to be sent out to your clients when certain events and/or criteria are met.

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MailChimp Integration

MailChimp is a powerful email marketing and automation platform that is free to use for up to 2,000 subscribers and allows up to 12,000 emails per month.

The native integration in WHMCS will ensure your WHMCS client database is kept in sync with your MailChimp mailing list as well as providing e-commerce data to MailChimp that allows you to leverage MailChimp's advanced e-commerce automations.

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Opt-In/Opt-Out during Registration/Checkout

WHMCS 7.5 introduced more flexibility over the way users are requested to opt into or opt out of marketing emails.


The following settings are now available in Setup > General Settings > Other:

SettingDefault ValueDescription
Marketing EmailsEnabledControls whether the Newsletter Opt-In option is shown to new customers during checkout or registration.
Require User Opt-InEnabledDetermines how the opt-in choice is presented. By default, users are required to opt-in to marketing emails. If you wish, you can use this setting to default the opt-in box to a checked status, requiring users instead to opt-out of marketing emails.
Marketing Email Opt-In MessagingPhraseAllows you to customise the message displayed to users in the opt-in request. It is important that the opt-in message accurately reflects the type of marketing emails you will be sending for compliance reasons.
The Marketing Email Opt-In message can alternative be defined within the language files if you wish to provide multiple different versions for different languages. To do this, you must define a language string with the key $_LANG['emailMarketing']['optInMessage']

Marketing Email Consent History

WHMCS 7.5 introduced logging of opt-ins and opt-outs from marketing emails to provide an audit trail of exactly when users gave consent to receive marketing emails.

The log can be accessed via the Client Profile within the admin area by clicking the View Consent History button located alongside the Marketing Emails setting.

The consent history log contains the date/time of the action, the action that was performed (opt-in or opt-out), an indication if it was performed by an admin on behalf of the user, and the IP address from which the change originated.

All locations in the product through which the marketing email consent can be changed will result in a log entry being created.

This feature was introduced in WHMCS 7.5 and so any consent given prior to WHMCS 7.5 will not be recorded in the log.

Mass Mail

When using the Mass Mail tool you can restrict the emails you sent to only those users who have not opted out of Marketing Emails.

To do this, when composing your email, be sure to check the Marketing Email checkbox which is located below the message composition box.


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Email Merge Fields

The following merge fields are made available for use in all email messages sent by WHMCS:

Merge FieldDescription
{$email_marketing_optin_url}Generates a url that customers can follow to opt-in to receiving marketing emails. This could be used to explicitly request consent from your existing customers.
{$email_marketing_optout_url}Generates a url that customers can follow to opt-out of receiving marketing emails. Also commonly referred to as unsubscribing.
{$unsubscribe_url}The same as the {$email_marketing_optout_url} but available for backwards compatibility.

Client Area Newsletter Subscription Management

When the Marketing Emails feature is enabled, clients have the ability to manage their newsletter subscription status at any time via the WHMCS client area.

The option for this is displayed within the Account Details page which is accessed via the User menu within the client area.