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Available in WHMCS 7.10 and earlier.
This document describes functionality in WHMCS 7.10 and earlier. For WHMCS 8.0 and later, use the improved and full-featured Email Campaigns.

Composing a Mass Mailing

The Mass Mail Tool allows the sending of an email message to a group of clients ranging from every client on file to those who meet specific criteria.

  • Begin by going to Clients > Mass Mail Tool
  • You can then choose the criteria you want to filter on in order to select who the email will be sent to
  • By default the email type is General and so you can only filter on the client status or country criteria
  • If you want to filter on product related criteria you must ensure you set the Email Type to be Product/Service related
  • Likewise if you want to filter on domain related criteria you must set the Email Type to be Domain related
  • If you do not want to filter clients by a specific criteria then leave that filter unchanged and it will be ignored.

Please Note: When composing the email you will see the full list of clients matching your selected criteria in the To field. This is so you can review who will be receiving it but each email is sent individually and so the receiver will not see any other client's addresses in the To field of the copy they receive.

Filtering by Country

As of Version 7.5, you now have the ability to send mass mailings to only clients in specific countries. To do this, you can simply select the countries in which you want your clients to receive the notices as shown below.


Marketing Email

It may not be desirable to send certain emails to all clients, therefore if you have enabled the Marketing Opt-Out feature in General Settings, tick the "Marketing Email" checkbox to prevent this email being sent to clients who have chosen not to receive marketing emails.

If this email is an important announcement that should be received by all clients in your mass-mail criteria, leave this option unticked.


Contacts can be used to send a copy of a message to a different email address. When sending one-off or mass mails, contacts and sub-accounts that have the General email notification option ticked will receive a copy of any General mass mails sent to the master account holder.

If the contact has the Product email notification option ticked, they will receive copies of mass mails with the Product/Service email type. Similarly contacts with Domain email notifications ticked will receive a copy of Domain type mass mails.

Contacts won't be listed in the recipients list when composing the message, but if their master account is listed and they have the appropriate email permission, they will receive a copy.

Copy Emails

The CC and BCC options allow a copy of each individual mass mailing email to be sent to additional email addresses. Multiple email addresses can be entered by separating each address with a comma.

These fields are not designed for adding additional recipients to the existing list.

Please note: Using the CC option will display the email addresses entered to every recipient

Batch Processing

When sending to a large number of recipients, WHMCS will automatically break the sending into batches of 25 emails every 30 seconds. However as of Version 4.5, you can customise this and change both the number and frequency with which they send when composing your email message.

Batch Processing

Mailing Lists

It is possible to create a mailing list using custom client fields. Navigate to Configuration () > System Settings > Custom Fields or, prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup > Custom Client Field and create one called Mailing List (just as an example). The field type Dropdown or TickBox can be used. If choosing Dropdown be sure to enter the Select Options "Yes,No".

Mailing list1.png

Now on the mass mailing page this will appear as a client filter option, so you may send emails only to clients who have chosen to receive these mailings.

Mailing list2.png

Common Problems

No Recipients

The criteria selected for this email has resulted in no recipients which means it cannot be sent. Meaning there are no clients meeting the criteria selected on the mass mail page, go back and select a different set of criteria. Most commonly this is caused by selecting a client group or language to which no clients are assigned.