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MaxMind is a leading provider of IP intelligence and online fraud prevention tools.

Setup and Configuration

To enable MaxMind integration, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to Setup > Fraud Protection > MaxMind
  • Check the Enable checkbox
  • Enter your MaxMind User ID and the Licence Key. You can find these within the My License Key page inside the MaxMind online portal.
  • Click Save

Configuration Options

Choosing a Service Type

MaxMind offers three different levels of check at the time of writing:

  • Score - minFraud score provides only a risk score in WHMCS. No other data is available when using this check type. MaxMind recommend this check type to build your own risk modelling.
  • Insights - minFraud Insights provide a wide range of data to check the potential risk of an order. Information regarding the IP location, the country data and email address is provided with this check type. minFraud Insights is the most comparable offering to the older V1 API.
  • Factors - minFraud Factors builds on the same data as Insights, and then provides additional scoring based on the order input. Check the comparison page for the subscores that can be provided.

Essentially, the higher the level, the more analytics and metrics feedback you will receive. The different service types each have differing costs associated with them. Please refer to the MaxMind website for more details.

MaxMind Fraud Risk Score

Orders that receive a risk score higher than the value entered here will be marked as fraudulent and prevented from completing checkout.

The default value is 20. A value between 0.01 and 99.9 can be entered. This threshold can then be adjusted up or down depending upon results. For more information refer to What is the riskScore?

Entering 0 in the Risk Score field will disable checking this option and is not recommended.

Reject Free Email Service

Ticking this option checks if the e-mail domain used by the customer is from a free e-mail provider and if so will flag the order as fraud. Examples of free e-mail providers include the following:,, and The MaxMind system currently has categorised 31,000 free e-mail domain providers around the world.

Reject Country Mismatch

Select this option to mark an order as fraudulent if the billing address provided by a client is significantly different from the location of the IP Address used to place the order.

Reject Anonymous Networks

Select this option to mark an order as fraudulent if the order is placed via an anonymous network such as a proxy or VPN.

Reject High Risk Country

Select this option to mark an order as fraudulent if the transaction's billing address or IP address is located in a country that MaxMind has flagged as high risk.

Custom Rules

Custom Rules can be used to reject an orders based on a combination of rules you setup. Custom Rules can be created and managed from within your MaxMind account, more information is available in the Custom Rules documentation.

Upgrading from MaxMind V1

Your configuration will be automatically updated when upgrading a WHMCS installation from WHMCS 7.5 or earlier to WHMCS 7.6. However, one additional configuration is required to allow fraud checking to continue. The new User ID configuration parameter must be set for API Authentication to succeed. Your MaxMind User ID can be found on the My License Key page in a MaxMind account.

Legacy MaxMind Module

If you are looking for documentation for the MaxMind module in WHMCS 7.5 or earlier, please see MaxMind_Legacy_Module