Mobile App: Connecting to WHMCS

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This article refers to the WHMCS Mobile app available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

To use the WHMCS Mobile app with your WHMCS installation, you need to establish a connection profile using the steps below:

  1. Open the WHMCS Mobile application
  2. Upon the first launch, you will be automatically asked to create a new connection profile. Alternatively, navigate to Settings > Manage/Switch Profiles and click the New icon (+).
  3. Enter the profile details as follows:
    • WHMCS Installation URL: should be the URL to the client area of your WHMCS installation - also the same as the System URL found in Setup > General Settings > General within the admin area.
    • Admin Username: Enter the username you use to login to the web based admin panel
    • Admin Password: Enter the password you use to login to the web based admin panel
    • API Access Key: Enter your API Access Key or if this is the first time using an API Access key, create one using the steps below:
      • Creating an API Access Key for the first time
      • Open the configuration.php file found in your WHMCS installation directory using a text editor
      • Add the following line to the end of the file:
        $api_access_key = "YOUR_API_ACCESS_KEY";
      • Replace YOUR_API_ACCESS_KEY with a randomised series of letters and numbers.
      • Acceptable Special Characters are:
        ! @ # $ % . ( ) * [ ] - _
      • Save changes to the configuration.php file and upload to your server
      • Now enter the API Key you created in the field where requested
    • Finally, click the Validate Credentials button to test the connection

Upon success, the connection profile will be created and saved and you will be redirected to the app dashboard.

Profile Creation Screen