Module Queue

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This page describes a feature available in version 7.1 and above

The Module Queue lists, and allows quick retry of, failed automated actions. An automated action is one that is not manually initiated from the Service or Domain view by clicking a button.

What is the Module Queue for?

The queue will allow for individual retries and dismissals of errors, or with a mass retry of all issues in the list.

What information is on the Module Queue?

The entries are displayed with the client name, package name and associated domain along with the action being completed and the latest error and last attempt time.

Module queue.png

What happens after a retry?

A retry, dismissal or mass retry will provide updated information, without a page reload, to provide information for the latest retry, or a success message as appropriate.

Module queue retried.png

What if I fix the item directly?

A retry directly on the service or domain for a queue item from the appropriate Admin page will mark the attempt as completed if the action is subsequently successful and so will no longer appear in the queue list.