Moving Storage Locations

From WHMCS Documentation

When moving WHMCS, especially to a new server, it is very likely that your current storage locations will no longer be valid. It is important to update these immediately after moving WHMCS to ensure that your file storage and retrieval continues to function normally. Performing the following steps will allow you to update your locations to new, valid locations.

Create New Storage Locations

The first step is creating new storage locations. Create the attachments and downloads directories on the new server in the desired location (usually above the web-root).

Now login to the WHMCS Administration area and navigate to Configuration () > System Settings > Storage Settings or, prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup > Storage Settings.

Local Storage

  1. Click "Configuration" tab.
  2. In "Add New Configuration" tile, choose "Local Storage" or and click "Add".
  3. Enter path to the new storage location. The directory must exist and be writable. Click "Save".
  4. Repeat these steps as many times as required until all locations have been created.


For AWS S3 locations, you should not need to move your storage locations. This is because their location has not changed.

You must ensure that your new server IP is updated in your S3 bucket security policy if this has changed and you have IP restrictions in place.

Migrate to new Storage Locations

  1. Click the "Settings" tab
  2. Using the dropdown provided, select your new storage location. 3 buttons will appear next to the dropdown.
  3. Select "Switch"
  4. Manually copy all files from the previous location to your newly selected location.

Why can't I select "Migrate"?
The previous storage location does not exist on the server to which WHMCS has been moved, so the files cannot be migrated automatically. For this reason, you must manually copy all files to the new location. By selecting "Switch", you are instructing WHMCS to switch the location without performing any automatic attempts to transfer files.