New Twenty-One Client Area Theme

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WHMCS 8.1 and later includes a new system theme, Twenty-One, to upgrade your and your customers' experience in the WHMCS Client Area, including enhancements for mobile devices.

The new theme.

Streamlined Navigation

Notifications in Twenty-One

Notifications and your currently-selected account now display in a bar at the top of the screen. The breadcrumbs to your current page are now displayed prominently in a bar directly below the main menus.

The Selected Account

A convenient Switch Account icon next to your Logged in as information allows you to easily move between your associated accounts to get the most out of our users-and-accounts user management system. A few other actions, like logging out, have also been rearranged to optimize usability.

Social Media Support

The bottom bar of the Client Area now includes a row of configurable social media icons. You can add your social media accounts and display these icons by entering your social media accounts at Configuration > System Settings > General Settings in the Social tab.

Notifications in Twenty-One

Enhanced Interface Elements

Enhanced Interface Elements

We have updated many design elements throughout the Client Area, for a better experience whether you're on a desktop or mobile device. Because of this, several items have moved.

From the top navigation, for example, the user's language and currency now display as a combined control element at the bottom of the page.

Customizable Style and Color Palette


Twenty-One offers a neutral color palette in gray tones with muted accents. You can easily make a custom system theme to update this, or you can place a custom.css file in the css directory, which, if present, will be loaded by the system theme template system.

Bootstrap 4

This system theme uses Bootstrap 4 for a responsive and refined design experience. Bootstrap 4 has many layout and class differences compared to Bootstrap 3, which is used in the previous Six system theme. If you use a custom system theme or order form template, you can incorporate these changes with the help of their migration guide.

All of the WHMCS-provided order form templates work with Bootstrap 4 in the Twenty-One or Bootstrap 3 Six. For more information and examples to use to create your own system themes, see our Developer Documentation.

Enabling Twenty-One

To set Twenty-One as your WHMCS installation's system theme in the Client Area, go to Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings. In the General tab, select Twenty-One as your System Theme.