OAuth2 for Email Importing

From WHMCS Documentation

WHMCS includes OAuth authentication support for email importing through Gmail in WHMCS 8.1 and later.

To use OAuth for Gmail email with WHMCS, you will need to both configure Gmail as your mail service provider and create an app for it in the Gmail Cloud console.

What Is OAuth?

OAuth is a technology that authorizes apps or services like WHMCS to access another service, such as a Gmail account. It's more secure than traditional username-and-password authentication.

In addition to its security benefits, some mail providers require OAuth or have announced a requirement for it in the future.

How Do I Set Up OAuth for Email Importing for Support Department Emails?

You can configure email importing with OAuth via Gmail when you create or update a support department at Configuration () > System Settings > Support Departments. Email importing is an alternative to Email Piping and is not related to your Mail Provider.

For instructions to set up OAuth via Gmail for email importing, see Setting Up POP3 Importing with OAuth via Google.

How Do I Set Up OAuth via SMTP as my Mail Provider?

You can also set Gmail as your Service Provider at Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings in the Mail tab. For instructions, see Setting Up Gmail As Your Mail Service Provider.