On-Demand Renewals

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We added on-demand renewals in WHMCS 8.8.

On-demand renewals expand on WHMCS's existing domain renewal features to allow your clients to renew services early, before the system generates their next invoice.

What are On-Demand Renewals?

On-demand renewals allow clients to pay for their next billing cycle in advance of invoice generation. This can help you retain your existing customers and avoid customer support needs due to requests for early invoices.

On-demand renewals in the Client Area

  • On-demand renewals only renew eligible services.
  • On-demand renewals are not available for addons or services that use metric billing.
  • On-demand renewals are not available for domains. For more information, see below.

Domain Renewals and On-Demand Service Renewals

The table below outlines the differences between domain renewals and on-demand service renewals:

Domain Renewals On-Demand Service Renewals
On-Demand Renewals No Yes
Sends Renewal Notices Yes No
Configuration Enable Enable Renewal Orders. Configure the related global and product-specific settings.

For more information, see Enabling On-Demand Renewals below.
Client Area Navigation Display Displays when you enable Enable Renewal Orders. Displays when the client has a service that supports on-demand renewals.
Renewal Price in the Shopping Cart Uses the most recent renewal pricing for the domain at Configuration () > System Settings > Domain Pricing.
Domain renewal pricing typically fluctuates to reflect current market prices.
Uses the existing Recurring Amount pricing as the renewal price. Typically, this is the service's price when the customer placed the initial order.
Promotions Customers can use new promotion codes when placing renewal orders for domains.
Domain renewals do not use the domain's existing promotion codes.
Customers cannot add new promotion codes when placing renewal orders. Any promotion codes that they already applied to the service will apply to the renewal order and appear on the renewal invoice.
Eligibility Domains are eligible if they are in the Active, Grace, Redemption, or Expired statuses. Domain renewals can occur within renewal limit restrictions but not past grace or redemption period limits. Services are eligible if:
  • The associated product supports on-demand renewals.
  • The associated product uses the recurring payment type.
  • The associated product does not use Metric Billing.
  • The service's status is Active.
  • There are no unpaid invoices for the service.
  • The service's Next Due Date is within the renewal period limits.

Enabling On-Demand Renewals

You can enable on-demand renewals globally, for all products and services on your WHMCS installation, and configure them further on a per-product basis. You can also specify the maximum length of the on-demand renewal period for each billing cycle.

When you enable on-demand renewals, they will be available for both existing services and future purchases of the applicable products.

Enable On-Demand Renewals Globally

Enabling On-Demand Renewals globally

You can configure on-demand renewals for your entire installation in the Ordering tab at Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings.

  • On-demand renewals are disabled globally by default.
  • Your settings for individual products can override this setting.

For more information, see Ordering Tab and Configuring On-Demand Renewals.

Enable On-Demand Renewals for Individual Products

Enabling On-Demand Renewals globally

You can configure on-demand renewal settings for individual products in the Other tab at Configuration () > System Settings > Products/Services. The settings that you configure here can override the global On-Demand Renewals setting.

For more information, see Products and Services and Configuring On-Demand Renewals.

Renewal Period Lengths

When you enable on-demand renewals, you can also set the length of the maximum on-demand renewal period for each applicable billing cycle.

The default values below are also the maximum values that you can set:


However, the system will not consider a service eligible for renewal outside of its current billing period. If, for example, you enter 31 for the Monthly billing cycle, but the current month only has 28 days, the renewal period will only be 28 days.

Enter 0 to disable on-demand renewals for that billing cycle.

How Do My Clients Renew Early?

After you have enabled on-demand renewals for at least one product, clients will see the option to renew the applicable services in the Client Area.

Renewing from the Client Area Homepage

After choosing to renew one or more services, they will complete the same shopping cart checkout process that they use for other purchases.