Order Form Templates Compatibility

From WHMCS Documentation

Version 6.0 sees the introduction of a new client area. It's fully responsive, has a modern, clean new look, works on both desktop and mobile, and has more functionality than ever.

Order Forms are our next target. A little while ago, we embarked on a project to design a number of new order forms, and we got a long way into it, with some great new designs, but we ran into a problem. First, we needed a client area that was based on the latest technologies, and was responsive - but good news, 6.0 takes care of that.

However, the client area update presented a challenge for the existing order forms. Updating them to require the assets and resources available to the new theme in Version 6.0 would have created a problem for any custom client area themes not based on the new 6.0 design. As well, investing time in updating those, would take time away from other things, such as delivering entirely new order forms.

The result in the end has been that we've consolidated our order form offerings, discontinuing some in preparation for replacements, and with Modern and Boxes being the two order form templates that are updated to take full advantage of the new 6.0 client area.

The remainder of the order form templates remain as they existed previously in Version 5.x, and will continue to work with older custom client area themes unaffected.

Both of these order form templates now require the latest version of bootstrap to be loaded via your client area template to display as intended. The Six client area template theme does this by default. To use these in conjunction with custom themes and templates, your custom theme will need to include the bootstrap CSS framework.

For older client area themes which do not have Bootstrap available, we recommend using one of the other order form templates. Similarly, for the new six theme, and custom themes that do include Bootstrap, we recommend using one of the two order forms that have updated above.

We will be releasing a number of new order form styles that take full advantage of the new client area styling over the coming weeks and months.