PHP Version Compatibility

From WHMCS Documentation

In WHMCS 7.5 and above, you can view a report of ionCube-encoded files in your WHMCS installation directory that may not properly decode under certain versions of PHP.

You can view this report at Utilities > System > PHP Version Compatibility.

This provides transparency for files that you may have deployed over the lifespan of your installation, particularly files for custom or third-party code. WHMCS does not control these files but, if their encoding is incompatible with your environment, they may negatively affect WHMCS.

This utility only inspects decoding compatibility and does not assert PHP syntax compatibility.

Performing a Scan

The first time that you perform a scan, click Scan.

For later scans, click Rescan.

The scan checks your WHMCS installation for encoded files. Then, it evaluates ionCube-encoded files to determine the ionCube Encoder version.

To improve performance, the system excludes the /vendor, /attachments, /downloads, and /template cache directories from inspection. These directories contain many decodable files that have no negative effect on WHMCS.

Reading the Report

The report includes tabs for each PHP version. Under each tab, you can click the following headings to display lists of files:

  • Click Compatible Encoding to view a list of files that the selected PHP version can decode.
  • Click Incompatible Encoding to view a list of files that the selected PHP version cannot decode.
  • Click Encoding Compatibility Unknown to view a list of files with unknown compatibility.