Product Groups

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WHMCS organizes products into groups. Each group can contain an unlimited number of both products and product bundles. Product groups list similar or related products together, allowing them to display side-by-side for comparison in some order form templates.

Product Group Information

Available in
We added this in WHMCS 8.0 and added linking to individual product and service pages in WHMCS 8.3.

For each product group, you can define the following information:

  • Product Group Name — The name that the system displays for the group to both admin users and customers (required).
  • URL — A friendly form of the product group's URL. This value must contain at least one letter. Use this to customize product group links (optional).
  • Product Group Headline — A headline for newer order form templates (optional).
  • Product Group Tagline — A tagline for newer order form templates (optional).
  • Group Features — A list of features that apply to all products within the product group. Some newer order form templates use this.
  • Order Form Template — Allows you to define which order form template to use for the product group and product configuration steps of the order process for products within this group.
  • Available Payment Gateways — Allows you to customize which active payment gateways you can use with orders and invoices containing products from this group.
  • Hidden — Hides the product group from display in the client side Shopping Cart product group list. Note that this is still accessible using the group ID.
  • Direct Cart Link — A direct link to the shopping cart, which will preselect the current product group.

Creating a Product Group

To create a product group, navigate to Configuration () > System Settings > Products/Services (Setup > Products/Services prior to WHMCS 8.0) and click Create a New Group.

Fill out the fields, and then click Save Changes to complete the process.


New order form templates use specified headlines or taglines.

Older order form templates use the product group name as the display title.


Adding product group features allows some newer order form templates to display features that relate to all the products within the group.

When creating a new product group, you must save it for the first time and then edit it again before you can add features.

You can add, remove and reorder features.

To add a feature, enter the display text for it and press enter or click Add New.

The system will add the feature to the bottom of the list. You can reorder features by clicking and dragging the crosshair icon to the left of the feature label.

To delete a feature, click the X icon to the right of the features. To edit a feature, you will need to delete and recreate it.

Available Payment Gateways

By default, all active payment gateways are available to all orders and invoices that you create within WHMCS.

You can, however, restrict the use of certain gateways on a per-product-group basis.

Any gateways with a check beside their name will display as possible choices for orders containing products within a given group. To prevent a gateway's use with products from a product group, uncheck the checkbox next to the name.

If an order or invoice contains multiple products from multiple different product groups, only payment gateways that the two product groups share in common will display. For this reason, it's important that product groups share at least one payment gateway in common. If a client orders items from two groups that don't have a gateway in common, it would result in no payment gateways being available for payment.

Order Form Template

You can customize the order form template for the product group product selection page and the product configuration steps of the order process on a per-product-group basis.

To do this, select the Use Specific Template option in the product group configuration. A list of available order form templates will display.

The system will use the template you select to display products when the product group is selected from the list of available product categories in the shopping cart, and for the product configuration steps of any products or bundles in the group.

If the ?carttpl=xxx URL parameter specifies an order form template to use, then that value will take precendence over the product group setting.

Featured Product

Some newer order forms also support the concept of featured products to promote more prominently than other products within a group.

To set a product as the featured item for a group, navigate to Configuration () > System Settings > Products/Services (Setup > Products/Services prior to WHMCS 8.0). Select the desired product and check Featured on the Details tab of the product configuration. Then, click Save.

We recommend selecting only one featured product per group.