Provisioning Issues

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This page provides the explanations and solutions to general errors which may occur with multiple modules. For troubleshooting and debugging instructions please refer to Auto Setup Issues. For specific errors relating to individual modules, please refer to the Troubleshooting section of the corresponding module's documentation page.

Hosting accounts aren't provisioned automatically

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Please review Utilities > Logs > Activity Log at the time of account creation for any error messages, the most common errors are explained further down this page and on the corresponding module's documentation page:

Server Command Error - Curl Error - Couldn't resolve host (6)

This error message indicates that you don't have a server selected for the account to be setup on. There are a few points you should check:

  • Ensure you have a default server set in Setup > Products/Services > Servers (denoted by an asterisk *) and that a server is selected on the account that you are trying to setup.
  • If a server group has been configured ensure at-least one server has been added to the group.
  • The module selected under Setup > Products/Services > Servers is the same as the module selected under Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services > Edit > Module Settings tab.

Server Command Error - Curl Error - Couldn't connect to host (7)

Getting this error means that you have a firewall on your server blocking the connection. The port being used depends upon the module in use but for cPanel it would be 2086/2087, Plesk 8443, DirectAdmin 2222, etc... open for inbound and outbound connections on both the server WHMCS is installed on and the remote server being connected to. Please contact your server admin/hosting provider to open those ports.

Other Module Command/Registrar Error

Steps for identifying the cause of other Module Command or Registrar Command errors can be found in our Troubleshooting Guide.

Required Product Module '' Missing

This error message indicates that a module command was performed for a product to which no module is assigned. Please navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services > Edit > Module Settings tab and ensure the appropriate module is selected.

If the module selection has intentionally been left at None, then you may wish to consider using the Auto Release module instead. With the Auto Release module, WHMCS can open a support ticket or create a to-do list entry when a module command is performed to notify you that manual action is required.

Allowed memory size of xxxxx bytes exhausted

An error message along the lines of "Allowed memory size of xxxxx bytes exhausted (tried to allocate xxxx bytes)" means that WHMCS has reached maximum amount of memory available per the memory_limit setting in your server's PHP configuration. You should increase this setting until the error is resolved - contact your server admin/hosting provider for assistance making this change.

Please take this opportunity to ensure all the other System Requirements are met.

Server Command Error - Curl Error - 28 connect() timed out

This error message means that the operation you were attempting to perform timed out. Some common causes of timeouts in WHMCS are:

  • Server too busy dealing with other requests
  • Server taking more than 150 seconds to provision the account
  • Server site IP address does not match the server details entered into WHMCS
  • Server doesn't exist

In order to resolve this you must ensure:

  • There is no firewall on your server blocking the requests from WHMCS
  • Enable/disable SSL mode on your servers by going to Setup > Products/Services > Servers > Edit.

406 Not Acceptable

A 406 - Not Acceptable error usually is due to the server's mod_security rules blocking the query from WHMCS being executed.

To resolve this it will be necessary to check the mod_sec logs to see which rule is being triggered and that rule. If you do not have access to the server mod_sec logs or to change the rule configuration, please contact your server admin/hosting provider.

Server load, uptime and phpinfo always say Unavailable or 00:00:00

In order for these values to be obtained, the file /status/index.php that you upload to every server has to be able to execute the PHP functions exec and shell_exec on that server. These are often disabled by default for security reasons. To enable them, you need to login to your server by SSH and then locate the php.ini file and open it for editing. Search down for the line that says disabled_functions and then remove exec and shell_exec from the list of functions following that.

For security, by default the phpinfo is disabled, you would need to edit the index.php file of the status directory and uncomment the phpinfo(); line,