Regenerating Historical Invoices

From WHMCS Documentation

When moving from a manual billing system or software for which an import script is not available to WHMCS, you may want to have a record of past invoices that you issued on your old system. To create this record, you will need to regenerate your historical invoices.

Regenerating Historical Invoices

Before you can regenerate historical invoices, you must finish moving the client and their service.

To regenerate historical invoices:

  1. Go to the Products/Services tab in the client's profile.
  2. Set the Next Due Date value to the due date you want to use for the first historical invoice. For example, if the client has an invoice every month starting in June 2011, set it to 28/06/2011.
  3. Click Save Changes.
  4. Click Generate Due Invoices in the client's Summary tab to create the invoice.
  5. When the system prompts you, click No to prevent a notification email.
  6. In the client's Invoices tab, click the invoice.
  7. Click the Add Payment tab to record the payment details. For more information, see Transactions.
  8. Uncheck Send Email to prevent a notification email. Performing these steps will cause the Next Due Date value to increment forward one billing cycle (in the above example, it would now be 28/06/2012).
  9. Click Generate Due Invoices to create the June 2011 invoice.

Repeat these steps until the Next Due Date value is the date the client's next payment is due.