Renewing Support and Updates

From WHMCS Documentation

Owned Licenses were available for a one-time up-front purchase and included 12 months access to Support and Updates along with their initial purchase.

After the first year, Support and Updates subscription extensions are available on a 6 month basis, allowing you to continue to access the latest software updates as well as contact and receive expert technical support from our team any time you need them.

What does Support and Updates entitle me to?

An active Support and Updates subscription entitles you to the following:

  • The ability to download the WHMCS software
  • Access to the latest software releases
  • Access to our technical support team

Why should I renew?

We are constantly working to improve our software - stability and useability improvements, as well as adding new functionality. In addition, as third party API's and systems change and evolve, we continue to provide updates to our product to ensure it remains compatible with those systems. In order to benefit from these improvements, you will need an active Support and Updates subscription.

How do I find out when my Support and Updates expire?

To view the current status and expiry date of your Support and Updates subscription, login to our client area here, select your owned license key from the list of licenses, and then the Support and Updates information will be displayed below the license key.

Can I renew early?

As the expiration date approaches you will receive notification via email with a renewal link or invoice. Should you wish to extend the Support & Updates for a further 6 months, please follow the instructions in the email to complete the renewal.

Support & Updates cannot be renewed prior to the email notification.

How do I renew?

  1. Login to our client area:
  2. Select your owned license key from the list
  3. Look for the info box titled Support and Updates
  4. Follow the Extend Now link to renew

Can I continue using the software once my Support and Updates subscription expires?

Yes. Owned licenses are valid forever and don't expire. Even if you don't wish to renew support and updates, which is entirely optional, you can still keep the license and even keep running and using our software. What you won't be able to do however is access any downloads relating to WHMCS, receive any software updates, or contact our support teams.

What about Security Updates?

Security related updates are provided free of charge to all license holders. These do not require an active Support and Updates subscription and are available to download, install and run even should your Support and Updates subscription be expired.

Please Note: Long Term Support policy rules do apply, and you can only run the versions up to and including the latest available minor version at the time your Support and Updates access expired.