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ResellerClub offers thawte's Digital Certificates - part of the Verisign group, which is one of the most trusted brands in the world.

With WHMCS, SSL ordering and provisioning is fully automated. SSL Products you setup are ordered in the same way as everything else via the shopping cart. No SSL specific configuration is performed actually during the order process, to keep the ordering process simple and ensure conversions aren't lost due to barriers with the SSL setup process.

So instead, once an order has been placed and paid for, the customer is then sent an email containing a link which takes them to configure the certificate directly on your website. This is a very simple 2 step process that they are guided through, where the client never leaves your site, and once all details have been provided, the configuration data is sent to the Certificate Authority in the background via the module and API, and a short while later, the completed certificate gets emailed directly to the client. From start to finish, no actions are required from your side so it really is a very simple addition to your product portfolio.

Setting up an SSL Product

To create a ResellerClub SSL product, simple follow the steps below:

  1. Begin by creating a product as normal in Configuration () > System Settings > Products/Services or, prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup > Products/Services.
  2. Set the product type to Other Product/Service
  3. Specify a name of your choice, description, and disable the domain options by ensuring "Require Domain" is deselected
  4. Leave the Welcome Email set to None - with SSL Products the SSL Configuration Required email template is sent automatically with a link to configure the certificate as soon as the order is processed & activated
  5. Next navigate to the Module Settings tab and from there select the "Resellerclubssl" module (if you do not see this option, please double check the installation steps were performed correctly above)
  6. After selecting this, the page will reload showing the ResellerClub SSL related config options - these are your Reseller ID, Password, Certificate Type & Test Mode
  7. You can find your Reseller ID by navigating to Settings > Personal Information > Primary Profile within your ResellerClub account, or if you already use the ResellerClub Domains module within WHMCS it can be found by navigating to Configuration () > System Settings > Domain Registrars > ResellerClub or, prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup > Domain Registrars > ResellerClub.
  8. If you don't yet have a ResellerClub account, please visit
  9. If this is your first time using the ResellerClub API, you also need to register your server IP address with ResellerClub. To do this, login to the ResellerClub control panel and then go to Settings > API and enter the IP where your WHMCS is installed there. Please Note: It can take up to 30 minutes for the IP to be allowed on their system.
  10. A custom field will be automatically created with a field called "Domain Name" where the customer is required to enter the domain name the SSL Certificate is for as part of the order process. You can customise this field via the Custom Fields tab, but if customising the name you must do so in the format "Domain Name|Your Custom Name Here" so that WHMCS can still recognise the field.
  11. And that's it, you're ready to try it out!


When offering SSL Certificates, you have 2 choices - you can offer them as either one time products, or recurring products. We recommend using recurring, as then you benefit from the automatic invoicing and renewals at the end of the current subscription period. So to configure that you would simply select "Recurring" as the Payment Type on the Pricing tab of the product config, and set the prices for Annual and Biennial billing cycles (1 and 2 Years respectively) since those are the only terms ResellerClub support for SSL Certificates at this time.

Alternatively, if you are just wanting to offer certificates for a period of 1 year at a time, then you can set them up as either Recurring with just the Annual billing cycle defined with a price, or even as a One Time product to have no automated renewals occur.


If you want to use the test mode, you must create a separate account on ResellerClub's dedicated testing environment. This is completely separate from the live system and you cannot therefore use your live account details for testing. For instructions on how to do this, please refer to ResellerClub's Knowledgebase @

The module create function of this module does not generate a username and password by design. Therefore the username/password fields will be blank under the client's Products/services tab.