Server Port Overrides

From WHMCS Documentation

Many server modules allow you to customise the port number that is used for connections via the server configuration. This is useful for situations where you customise the port a service is operating on.

If a module supports it, a Port field will show up as in the below screenshot when configuring a server. If you do not see this field, then the module you are using does not support port customisation.


Check the 'Override with Custom Port' checkbox that can be seen next to the existing port number. Once checked, you can then customise the port value as you wish. Unchecking the box will reset the value to the default defined for that server. All supported modules that use this option are defined in the Default Server Ports table below.

Default Server Ports

Module Name Standard Port SSL Port
cPanel 2086 2087
DirectAdmin 2222 2222
Enkompass 2086 2087
Helm 4 8086 -
HyperVM 8888 8887
Interworx - 2443
LXAdmin 7778 7777
SCPanel 2086 2087
vePortal 2407 2408
WHMSonic 2086 2087
XPanel 80 3737

Use in Development

To add support for port customisation to your server/provisioning modules, you need to define the default(s) within the MetaData function.
The sample here provides a custom module with a default port of 80 and an SSL port of 443.

function template_MetaData()
    return array(
        'DisplayName' => 'Server Module Display Name',
        'DefaultNonSSLPort' => '80',
        'DefaultSSLPort' => '443',

function template_CreateAccount($params)
    $serverPort = $params['serverport'];