Setting Up Your First Product

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This guide covers how to create your first product in the WHMCS system, when a product is configured it appears automatically in the order form. A video tutorial on how to setup a product is also available:

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  1. From the Admin Summary page navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services
  2. Click Create a New Group and enter a name for it - products will be organised on the order form based on their group
  3. Next click Create a New Product
  4. Choose the type of product this is - your new group is selected already - enter the name for the product and click Continue
  5. You will now see the product configuration page, from here you can configure all aspects of this products. This guide covers the basics to get you started.

Details Tab

This is the first tab you see, the product name entered in the previous step has been filled out already but we need to flesh this out:

Product Details Tab
  • In the Product Description field enter the details of the product, this will be displayed on the order form so make it enticing to encourage sales, but also descriptive so visitors can tell the difference between this and your other products. For example you may wish to list the disk space & bandwidth limits.
  • Use the Welcome Email dropdown menu to select which email will be sent to clients once they've ordered this product. The standard templates will cover most situations but you can customise them or create your own.
  • That's all for this tab, so next click the Pricing tab.

Pricing Tab

This second tab is where the prices of the product are specified.

Product Pricing Tab
  • Select the Pricing Type for the product; Free, One-Time or Recurring. Physical good would be one-time whilst most hosting services would be recurring.
  • Use the pricing grid to enter the price of the product. For one-time pricing types enter a price in the One-Time column, for recurring pricing types there are several billing cycles to choose from depending on how often you want clients to be billed.
  • The setup fee in each column allows you to specify different setup fees depending on the cycle chosen - for example you may charge setup fees on monthly cycles and offer free setup if paid annually - leave this field at 0.00 for no setup fee.
  • If you do not wish to offer a billing cycle enter -1.00 as the price to disable it. In this screenshot the product will only be available monthly or annually.
  • That's all for this tab, so next click the Module Settings tab.

Module Settings Tab

This tab is where you can configure the automated setup for the product.

Product Pricing Tab
  • From the Module Name dropdown menu select the type of server you're using, in the screenshot we're using cPanel
  • The specific configuration instructions depend upon which module you're using, some of the most common ones are:
  • The documentation for other modules can be found on the Server Modules page.
  • If a product has no specific module to be linked to then you can set it to Auto Release in order to have the activation simulated and therefore welcome email sent automatically
  • Finally there are 4 automation settings to choose from for product activation, when ordered you can have WHMCS do nothing, wait for manual approval, wait for payment or create the account immediately.

Now click Save Changes and your first product has now been created, congratulations!

More Information

This page just covers the minimum requirements to create a product, there are many more options available to add some finesse, these are documented in detail on the Products and Services page.