SiteLock VPN via MarketConnect

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This page describes a feature available in version 7.9 and above

WHMCS MarketConnect allows you to resell SiteLock VPN.

Supported Actions

  • Automated Provisioning of new SiteLock VPN Accounts
  • Single Sign-On into the SiteLock Management Dashboard from Client and Admin Areas
  • Upsells/Promotions within the client area
  • Automated Cancellation

Setup and Configuration

To activate and begin reselling SiteLock VPN via WHMCS MarketConnect, simply navigate to Setup > MarketConnect within your WHMCS admin area and click the Activate button under the SiteLock VPN product offering.

SiteLock VPN Automation

When ordering SiteLock VPN, WHMCS and MarketConnect fully automates the VPN account setup process.

Admin Management Actions

For any SiteLock VPN order, an Admin user is able to perform the following actions:

  • Login to SiteLock VPN Control Panel - Clicking this button will perform single sign-on into the SiteLock Dashboard.


Client Management Actions

When logged into the Client Area, if a customer has an active SiteLock VPN service, they will be provided with a panel allowing them to login to the SiteLock Dashboard to manage their VPN service. The SiteLock Dashboard allows for configuration and reset of their VPN access credentials, as well as downloading of the VPN clients.

The SiteLock VPN panel is pictured below.


Client Area Promotions

MarketConnect supports showing a SiteLock VPN promotion (pictured below) on the client area homepage to users who do not currently have the SiteLock VPN service.