Skrill 1-Tap

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Skrill 1-Tap is a payment method that lets your customers use their Skrill account to pay with a single tap or click. It can be used to process recurring payments via the Skrill payment gateway.


Supported Features

Type One Time Recurring Refunds Reversals
3rd Party Yes Yes Yes



To activate the Skrill module in WHMCS, navigate to Setup >> Payments >> Payment Gateways. Then choose the All Available Gateways tab and select Skrill 1-Tap from the available gateways.

Note: If you already receive wallet payments with Skrill, you can simply get in touch with the merchant services team to enable the 1-Tap service for your existing account.

In case you receive direct payments via the Skrill Quick Checkout, please sign up here. You will need to register a new email address which has not been used in Skrill.


An admin can then customize the name to something more friendly such as 1-Tap on-demand payments and enter the Merchant Email, API Password and Secret Word corresponding to the Skrill account.

API/MQI Password

To enable the MQI and/or API:

1. Log in to the Skrill account at

Enable the API and MQI and setup a password and IP range for these services

2. Go to Settings > Developer Settings.

3. Check the Enable service checkbox next to the API and MQI

4. Specify at least one IP address from which requests will be made. All requests from other IP addresses are denied. Access can be granted to:

  • A single IP address (e.g.
  • Multiple IP addresses, separated by space (e.g.
  • A subnet in CIDR notation (e.g.
Warning: CIDR ranges should be no longer than 256 IP addresses.
Note: If the Settings > Developer Settings section is not displayed in the Skrill account, contact

5. To apply the changes, click Save

A separate password must be used for making API or MQI requests. This ensures that the password used to access the Skrill Digital Wallet account can be changed without affecting the API or MQI. To enable an API/MQI password:

1. Locate the Settings >> Developer Settings >> Change MQI / API password area

2. Enter a new password and confirm it in the Re-type password box below.

3. To apply the changes, click Save. The MQI and API are now enabled.

Note: The password must be at least 8 characters long and must contain at least one alphabetic and one non-alphabetic character.