Staff Mentions

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This page describes a feature available in version 7.5 and above

Staff Mentions allow you to "tag" other administrative users and trigger an email notification to them as a quick and easy way to alert them to the note you have just added.

Staff mentions are supported for the following:

  • Client Notes
  • Support Ticket Notes

How to use @mentions

You can perform a mention using the familiar @mention syntax. Simply enter @ followed by the admins username.


As soon as you type the @ symbol while composing a client or ticket note, a popup will appear listing the available admin users you can choose from as pictured above. Continue typing to narrow down and filter the list and complete the process by selecting an admin user and hitting enter.

Upon submission/saving of the client or support ticket note, any administrative users mentioned in the note will receive a notification email.

A single note can contain multiple @mentions. All admin users mentioned in the note will receive a copy of the email notification.