Support Center Issues

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This page provides the explanations and solutions to errors which may occur when using the support centre in WHMCS. For errors encountered when using email piping to import emails into the ticket system, see Email_Piping#Troubleshooting.

Access Denied - You are not assigned to any ticket departments

You have to configure the support ticket departments which you are a member of in Configuration () > Manage Admins. When editing an admin you can choose just some or all of the departments that the admin should be taking care of. They will then only receive notifications about tickets in their departments.

Uploading Attachments

If your support ticket uploads fail to work, it could be because of an incorrectly setup list of allowed file attachment types in Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings > Support. The types must be comma-separated without any spaces (for example, .gif,.jpg,.pdf).

Ticket ID not found

You cannot open new tickets via email as an admin, the system expects you to be replying to an existing ticket. Therefore when the email does not contain an existing ticket number you will see this error in the email import log.

Department Not Found

This usually occurs when an email was sent and your support department was added as a CC or BCC. Only emails where the department address is in the To field will a ticket be accepted.

Department Not Found. Exiting

You need to create at least 1 support department in WHMCS in Configuration () > System Settings > Support > Support Departments which is where the affiliate withdrawal requests will go to. Then assign your admin users to the department in System Settings () > Manage Admins who will be notified when the withdrawal request is made.