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For information regarding the support centre in WHMCS refer to this page.

Support Module

If a third party support system is installed, select it here.

Support Ticket Mask Format

This options allows for the customisation of the support ticket number assigned to new tickets as they are opened. Entering the following codes into the mask field will change the format of the ticket number, you can even add letters and dates:

%A - Uppercase letter | %a - Lowercase letter | %n - Number | %y - Year | %m - Month | %d - Day | %i - Ticket ID

For example a mask format configuration of %A%A%A - %n%n%n%n - %y would result in a ticket number of AAA - 111 - 2013. Where %A is replaced with any random uppercase letter and %n is replaced with any random number between 0-9.

The maximum length of the ticket mask is 15 characters.

Ticket Reply List Order

Choose the order support ticket messages are displayed when viewing a ticket in the admin area.

Ticket Reply Email Limit

Specifies the maximum number of emails you wish to receive into your support system from an individual email address within a 15 minute period. This is useful if a client opens a ticket and has an auto-responder active on their email address; the auto-responder replies to your message, the support system sends an automated acknowledgement email, their auto-responder responds ad infinitum. By default WHMCS will prevent the 10th email being imported into the support system.

Show Client Only Departments

By default support departments with the Clients Only option enabled are hidden from visitors on the ticket submission page. Ticking this option will cause such departments to be displayed to visitors and allow them to submit tickets to them.

Client Tickets Require Login

Enabling this will prompt clients to login before they can view a support ticket. This will not prevent unregistered users from viewing their tickets.

Attachment Thumbnail Previews

When enabled a thumbnail sized preview of any images attached to a support ticket will be displayed, allowing you quickly identify & see what's in the attachment you're looking for without even needing to open it.

Knowledgebase Suggestions

Enabling will display the title and first line of articles from your knowledgebase relevant to the support ticket message a customer is typing. It is displayed between the ticket body and the submit button. You must have at-least 5 articles in your KB if 30 words each before this feature will function.

Support Ticket Rating

A star-rating system will appear below each staff reply when enabled. Customers can rate the responses on a scale of 1-5 and the Support Ticket Ratings Reviewer report is available with the results.

Ticket Closure Feedback Request

In addition to the above option, you can also send an email to users once a support ticket has been closed. They will be directed to a page asking the client to rate and provide comments on each member of staff's response to the ticket as well as a general comment. The message will only be sent once per ticket and only for tickets with at-least one staff reply.

The results are collated into two reports under the Reports tab; Ticket Feedback Scores and Ticket Feedback Comments.

If auto-close ticket notifications are also enabled the feedback email will take precedence. Ie. The feedback email will be sent instead of the ticket closure notification.

In 7.0, this feature was moved to be a Department Specific setting and you can enable this under Setup >> Support >> Support Departments when editing a department.

Prevent Email Reopening

Enabling this setting will prevent replies by email from re-opening a ticket once it has been closed. Instead, when a user attempts to reply to a closed ticket via email, the user is sent an email based on the email template "Closed Ticket Bounce Message" and the reply is not added to the ticket.

This does not prevent users from replying to and re-opening closed tickets from the client area.

For registered clients, the email message they receive explains that if they wish to re-open the ticket they attempted to reply to, that they can login to the client area and do so from there. For non-registered users, they need to open a new ticket and are instructed as such.

Update Last Reply Timestamp

With the Every time a reply is made option selected, whenever a client replies to a support ticket the "Last Reply" timestamp will be reset. This can mean that a client bumping a ticket actually delays a staff response as it would move to the back of the queue. Choosing the Every time for staff replies, only on a change of status for clients option will prevent this by only resetting the "Last Reply" timestamp when a member of staff replies or when the ticket status is changed.

Disable Reply Email Logging

When ticked, ticket responses will not be recorded in the email log. This saves some disk space in the database as it is already logged in the ticket itself.

KB SEO Friendly URLs

This option is removed in version 7.2 and above, use Friendly URL Mode instead.

Enabling this requires mod_rewrite enabled on your server, it will rewrite /knowledgebase.php?action=view&id=1 to "/knowledgebase/1/How_do_I_login.html" for example. Making your knowledgebase, announcements and downloads more friendly to search engines. For more information refer to this page.

Allowed File Attachment Types

Specify the file types that customers are permitted to attach to support tickets. For example .jpg,.gif,.jpeg,.png
It is not possible to accept .php attachments for security reasons as this could potentially allow someone to upload a malicious script to your server.

Network Issues Require Login

When enabled, only customers who are logged in will be able to view the network issues pages.

Include Product Downloads

If a product has an associated download it is usually only available on the product details page, ticking this option will also display this file on the Downloads page. Clients will still only be able to download the file if they own the relevant product.