Support Ticket Escalations

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Under Configuration () > System Settings > Support > Escalation Rules, ticket escalation rules allow you to specify actions to take automatically if a support ticket is in a specified state for a set period of time.

You can select the Departments, Statuses, and Priorities that the escalation rule applies to. For example, in the picture below, low and medium priority tickets will change to high, an automatic response will go to the client, and members of the relevant support department will receive an email after four hours with no response.

The following merge fields are in the Add Reply box:

[NAME] - Ticket Submitter Name
[FIRSTNAME] - First Name
[EMAIL] - Ticket Submitter Email



WHMCS 7.0 and earlier require a dedicated cron task entry for escalations. If you are running WHMCS 7.1 or later, this is not necessary.

php -q \path\to\home\public_html\whmcspath\crons\cron.php do_escalations

Note the space between cron.php and escalations. The command will run the escalations task of the cron job only. Configure this to run once every few minutes (we recommend every 3–5 minutes).


Escalation rules only apply to tickets that customers submitted after the escalation rule's creation. Existing tickets will not escalate automatically.

Escalation rules apply to every ticket that meets the specified conditions. If nothing happens to ensure that the ticket doesn't meet the conditions, the escalation rule will continue to affect the ticket. It will only stop affecting the ticket when it no longer matches the escalation rule conditions.