Support Ticket Statuses

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Ticket statuses allow you to better organise your workflow. The setup area allows you to customise the default statuses and create your own.

You can access this feature at Configuration () > System Settings > Ticket Statuses or, prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup > Support > Ticket Statuses.


The ticket system has four core statuses:

  • Open
  • Answered
  • Customer-Reply
  • Closed

The system sets tickets to these automatically when various events occur. For example, when a customer replies to a ticket, the system sets it to Customer-Reply. When an admin replies, it sets it to "Answered". You can't change the names of these statuses but you can still edit their colors and the way the system handles them.

There are two additional default statuses: On Hold and In Progress. These aren't required and you can fully customize them, including renaming and even deleteing them entirely if you don't want to have them at all.

You can also create more statuses that you can add to tickets when you view or reply to them. The options you select determine how the system handles them.

Status Options

For each ticket status, you can set the following attributes:

  • Status Color — Enter a six-digit hexadecimal representation of the color to display that status in.
  • Include in Active Tickets — Check this box to display this as an option for tickets that aren't closed.
  • Include in Awaiting Reply — Check this box to display this in tickets that are awaiting a reply by staff.
  • Auto Close — Choose whether to close tickets in this status after a defined period of inactivity (no replies). Define how the ticket will close in Configuration () > System Settings > Automation Settings or, prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup > Automation Settings.
  • Sort Order — Set the order in which ticket statuses appear.


The six default statuses come with translations into all the languages that WHMCS offers. For any custom statuses, you can create custom translations. To do this, add a line to the desired language file in this format:

$_LANG['supportticketsstatusstatusnamehere'] = "Translation";

The statusnamehere value comes from the default status name that you enter. This name must only contain lowercase alphanumeric characters. If no translation exists in a language file, the system won't use the title.