Ticket Notifications

From WHMCS Documentation


Support ticket actions trigger email notifications as shown below:

ActionTicket WatchersDepartment Members*Flagged AdminOwnerUsersContactsCC Recipients
Ticket Opened
Client Reply
Admin Reply
Change of Ticket Options
Change of Ticket Department
Ticket Assigned
Ticket Unassigned
  You will not receive an email notification for any changes you initiate yourself. Notifications may also depend on permissions and the origin of the ticket.

* Department Members only receive Client Reply and Change of Ticket Department notifications when there is no flagged admin user.


  • Ticket Watchers — Any admin user who is watching a ticket via the Admin Area.
  • Department Members — Any admin user who chose to receive ticket notifications for a given Support Ticket department and has the Support Emails Admin role.
  • Assigned User — Any admin user to is assigned to or unassigned from a ticket.
  • Owner — The related client's account owner.
  • User — A user with access to the related client.
  • Contact — The related client's contacts.
  • CC Recipients — A recipient who has been added to the ticket to receive a carbon copy (CC) of ticket-related emails.