Version 4.1 Release Notes

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Release Information

Version 4.1.0

  • Release Type: Beta (For Testing)
  • Release Date: 26th August 2009

Version 4.1.1

  • Release Type: Stable Release
  • Release Date: 30th September 2009

Version 4.1.2

  • Release Type: Incremental Files Only
  • Release Date: 4th November 2009


You can view a full list of features, changes, tweaks and enhancements in the forum announcement @

Upgrade Steps

To upgrade your WHMCS System, simply follow the instructions below.

  1. Begin by taking a backup of your database through a tool such as phpMyAdmin
  2. Unzip the contents of the zip file download to a folder on your computer
  3. Remove the images/logo.jpg file to avoid overwriting your customised logo
  4. Upload the files to your existing installation folder overwriting any existing files
  5. Visit the admin area to access the upgrade script
  6. Accept the license agreement
  7. Confirm you have backed up your database and click the upgrade button
  8. Once the script finishes loading, delete the install folder
  9. Before the upgrade is completed, you must update your custom template with any new or changed template files

Template Changes

The following core template files have changed between versions 4.0 and 4.1:

  • affiliates.tpl
  • announcements.tpl
  • bulkdomaintransfer.tpl
  • clientareachangepw.tpl
  • clientareachangesq.tpl
  • clientareacontacts.tpl
  • clientareacreditcard.tpl
  • clientareadetails.tpl
  • clientareahome.tpl
  • clientareaproductdetails.tpl
  • clientregister.tpl
  • creditcard.tpl
  • login.tpl
  • pwreset.tpl (new)
  • pwresetvalidation.tpl (new)
  • supportticketsubmit-steptwo.tpl
  • viewinvoice.tpl

The following order form template files have also changed:

  • configureproduct.tpl
  • configureproductdomain.tpl
  • viewcart.tpl

Admin templates have also changed with some header/footer additions, a new viewticket.tpl for controlling the viewing/responding of tickets page, and a new no graphics template named "simple".

Points Of Note

  • Client Files - Before you can upload client files to a user, you will need to assign you and the other staff you wish to permit access to manage files in Setup > Administrator Roles or you will get a permissions error when trying to do so
  • Notes Box - If you see a notes box showing in admin page as soon as it loads, this indicates you are seeing outdated CSS and need to clear your browser cache or do a hard refresh for the new admin CSS stylesheet to take effect

New Language File Lines

The new language file lines in V4.1 are those after the "# Version 4.1" line in the language files (Line Number 806 onwards in the English file)

Documentation Links

Here are links to various new documentation articles relating to the new features which might be of interest to you.

API Changes

XML Response Format

As of 4.1, the API supports both name/value pairs and XML responses for API calls. As before, name/value pairs will remain the default response format but you can include "&responsetype=xml" in your request to receive an XML output such as:


New API Calls

The addition of XML response methods have enabled us to add a lot more data retrieval functions to the API. New functions include:

  • Get Clients - retrieve a list of clients where the name or email matches a given string
  • Get Orders - retrieve a list of orders based on ID, user ID and/or status
  • Get Order Statuses - get a summary of the number of orders in each status category
  • Pending Order - set an order back to Pending
  • Fraud Order - change an order status to Fraud
  • Get Invoice - get the details and line items for a given invoice ID
  • Get Payment Methods - get a list of active payment methods
  • Get Support Departments - get a summary of tickets open and awaiting reply per department
  • Get Support Statuses - get a summary count of tickets per status
  • Get Tickets - retrieve a list of tickets based on department, status and/or subject
  • Get Ticket - retrieve the details and replies of a given ticket ID
  • Get Ticket Predefined Replies - get the predefined reply messages
  • Add Ticket Note - add an admin note to a ticket
  • Delete Ticket - erase a ticket from the database
  • Get To-Do Items - retrieve the list of to-do items based on various criteria
  • Get To-Do Item Statuses - get a summary of to-do items per status
  • Get Activity Log - retrieve a list of the recent activity
  • Get Admin Details - retrieve the name, notes, permissions etc... for the authed admin user
  • Update Admin Notes - update the notes for the authed admin user
  • Get Currencies - retrieve a list of currencies active in the system
  • Get Email Templates - retrieve a list of email templates for a given type and language
  • Get Staff Online - retrieve a list of currently logged in admin users
  • Get Stats - retrieve the stats shown in the WHMCS admin area homepage