Version 4.2 Release Notes

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Release Information

Version 4.2.0 Beta R1

  • Release Date: 5th February 2010
  • Release Type: Alpha

Version 4.2.0 Beta R2

  • Release Date: 16th February 2010
  • Release Type: Beta

Version 4.2.1 Beta R3

  • Release Date: 5th March 2010
  • Release Type: Release Candidate

Version 4.2.1

  • Release Date: 10th March 2010
  • Release Type: Stable File & DB Update


You can view a full list of features, changes, tweaks and enhancements in the forum announcement @

Upgrade Steps

To upgrade your WHMCS System, simply follow the instructions below.

We know most already are, but please note that you must be running PHP 5.0 or later in order to run WHMCS V4.2.

  1. Begin by taking a backup of your database through a tool such as phpMyAdmin
  2. Unzip the contents of the zip file download to a folder on your computer
  3. Remove the images/logo.jpg file to avoid overwriting your customised logo
  4. Upload the files to your existing installation folder overwriting any existing files
  5. Visit the admin area to access the upgrade script
  6. Accept the license agreement
  7. Confirm you have backed up your database and click the upgrade button to begin the database updates
  8. Once the upgrade script completes, delete the install folder
  9. Finally, to complete the upgrade, you must update your custom template with any new or changed template files from the list below

Template Changes

Client Area

The following template files are either new or have changes in this update. The line references refer to the portal template files.

  • 3dsecure.tpl *
  • clientareaaddcontact.tpl (added the ability to create sub-accounts)
  • clientareachangesq.tpl (changed to display current security question rather than ask)
  • clientareacontacts.tpl (added support for managing sub-accounts)
  • clientareahome.tpl (added mass invoice payment options and balance column)
  • clientareainvoices.tpl (added invoice number into additional invoice link)
  • clientareaproductdetails.tpl (modified cancel request button to only show for active/suspended products line 204)
  • contactaccessdenied.tpl *
  • knowledgebasearticle.tpl (added also read article suggestions lines 33-40)
  • masspay.tpl *
  • style.css
  • upgrade.tpl

* Indicates a new file

Order Forms

The following order form templates have changes to add the new Triennial billing cycle option to products and the addition of a new domain renewals cart category which requires adding the link to a few templates.

  • adddomain.tpl (adding domain renewal category link)
  • addons.tpl (adding domain renewal category link)
  • configureproduct.tpl (added triennial billing cycle choice)
  • domainrenewals.tpl *
  • products.tpl (adding domain renewal category link & triennial pricing display)
  • viewcart.tpl (adding selected domain renewals display)

Admin Templates

The admin templates have also had changes relating to the new custom ticket statuses. Both the sidebar ticket related links and view ticket pages need updating for those.

  • sidebar.tpl
  • viewticket.tpl

New Settings

The following new settings are added when upgrading to V4.2. Their default values and where you can change them are listed below.

  • Enable Mass Payment - default on - can be set in General Settings > Invoices
  • Enable Renewal Orders - default on - can be set in General Settings > Domains
  • Domain Invoice Generation = default same as products - can be set in Automation Settings
  • Only Auto Provision for Existing - default off - can be set in General Settings > Ordering
  • Disable Auto Credit Applying - default off - can be set in General Settings > Invoices
  • No Invoice Email on Order - default off - can be set in General Settings > Ordering
  • Late Fee Minimum - default 0.00 - can be set in General Settings > Invoices

New Language File Lines

The new language translations for V4.2 that need adding to custom language files are from lines 844-888 in the English.txt language file