Version 4.3 Release Notes

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Release Information

Version 4.3.0

  • Release Type: Beta (For Testing)
  • Release Date: 20th July 2010

Version 4.3.1

  • Release Type: Stable Release
  • Release Date: 18th August 2010


You can view a full list of features, changes, tweaks and enhancements in the forum announcement @

Upgrade Steps

To upgrade your WHMCS System, simply follow the instructions below.

  1. Begin by taking a backup of your database using a tool such as phpMyAdmin
  2. Next, unzip the contents of the WHMCS V4.3 zip file download to a folder on your computer
  3. Remove the /images/logo.jpg file to avoid overwriting your customised logo
  4. Upload the files to your existing installation folder overwriting any existing files
  5. Visit the admin area as you normally would to login and you should then see the upgrade script
  6. Accept the license agreement
  7. Confirm you have backed up your database and click the upgrade button
  8. Once the updates complete, delete the install folder from your server
  9. The upgrade is now complete but remember to update your custom template with any new or changed template files as listed below

Template Changes

The following core template files have changed between versions 4.2 and 4.3 and the comments in brackets detail specifically what was changed or added in each case:

  • announcements.tpl (added twitter feed)
  • clientareadetails.tpl (added ability to disable
  • clientareadomaindetails.tpl (added support for nominet domain release)
  • clientareadomains.tpl (added sorting and domain search)
  • clientareaproductdetails.tpl (added dedicated ip and suspension reason display)
  • clientareaproducts.tpl (added sorting and domain search)
  • creditcard.tpl (optimized code)
  • homepage.tpl (added twitter feed)
  • invoicepdf.tpl (improvements to multi-line & multi-page handling)
  • login.tpl (updated login url)
  • quotepdf.tpl (improvements to multi-line & multi-page handling)
  • style.css (new styling for twitter feed)
  • twitterfeed.tpl * (twitter feed)
  • upgrade.tpl (added error feedback for config options)

The following order form template files have also changed:

  • configureproductdomain.tpl (updated to support multiple subdomain choices)
  • viewcart.tpl (updated to accept credit card detail entry as part of checkout)

Points Of Note

  • New Ajax Order Form - The new entirely ajax based order form that auto loads each step following the previous one being completed is in a subfolder "order" and so can be accessed @
  • Single Page Order Template Discontinued - The "singlepage" cart template option has now been superseded by the Ajax Order Form included in V4.3 so the single page cart template is officially discontinued
  • Twitter Integration - The new twitter integration for display your latest tweets and twitter link within the client area can be enabled in Setup > General Settings > Other
  • Customisable Admin Email Templates - The majority of admin email templates are now customisable also in Setup > Email Templates like with client templates
  • Template Syntax Errors - Template syntax errors will now be recorded to the activity log so if template customisations you make are not functioning as you expect, check in Utilities > Activity Log to see if Smarty is producing any errors

New Language File Lines

The new language file lines in V4.3 are those after the "# Version 4.3" line in the language files (Line Number 891 onwards in the English file)