Version 4.4 Release Notes

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Release Information

Version 4.4.0

  • Release Type: Beta (For Testing)
  • Release Date: 1st December 2010

Version 4.4.1

  • Release Type: Stable Release
  • Release Date: 13th December 2010

Version 4.4.2

  • Release Type: Bug Fix/Patch Release
  • Release Date: 13th January 2011

Full Changelog

You can view a full list of features, changes, tweaks and enhancements in the forum announcement @

Upgrade Steps

To upgrade your WHMCS System, simply follow the instructions below.

  1. Begin by taking a backup of your database using a tool such as phpMyAdmin
  2. Now download the latest WHMCS version either from our client area ( or from the provider of your license
  3. Next, unzip the contents of the WHMCS zip file download to a folder on your computer
  4. Remove the /images/logo.jpg file to avoid overwriting your customised logo
  5. Upload the files to your existing installation folder overwriting any existing files
  6. Visit the admin area as you normally would to login and you should then see the upgrade script
  7. Accept the license agreement
  8. Confirm you have backed up your database and click the upgrade button
  9. Once the updates finish, delete the install folder from your server

The upgrade is now completed but remember to update your custom template with any new or changed template files as listed below.

Template Changes

The following is a list of client area template files that have changed in this release.

  • announcements.tpl (default template only - fixed twitter link)
  • clientareahome.tpl (added support for addon output from hooks/modules)
  • clientareacreditcard.tpl (disabled auto complete for cc fields)
  • clientareadomaindns.tpl (added support for LogicBoxes remote DNS Record Interface)
  • clientareadomainemailforwarding.tpl (same as above)
  • creditcard.tpl (disabled auto complete for cc fields)

The following order form template files have also changed:

  • login.tpl (updated login form post url)
  • viewcart.tpl (disabled auto complete for cc fields)

With the implementation of multi-language support for the admin area, nearly all the admin area templates have changed so we recommend a full replacement of the /admin/templates/ folder and files.

Points Of Note

  • New Addon Modules System - Firstly, don't worry - all existing "admin" modules are backwards compatable with the new addon modules system so they aren't going to break or stop workingas a result of the upgrade. However, the new addon modules system will require you to activate any existing addon modules you use before they show up. This can be done in Setup > Addon Modules by full administrator level users, and we have created a brief video tutorial to demonstrate the new addon modules system management area and walk you through how to do this @
  • Admin Area Template Updates - The admin area has had a new menu system implemented and so if you experience any display issues after upgrading, check that the templates_c folder is still writeable and that you've refreshed your browser cache for the new CSS definitions to take effect (either perform a hard refresh or clear your cache). And if you still have problems after that, double check all the file uploads completed successfully.

Video Tutorials

Documentation Links

For further information and guidance on how to use some of the new features, please refer to the new documentation links below:

New Language File Lines

There are only 3 new client area language file lines in V4.4 and can be found at the bottom of all supplied language files.