Version 5.0.3 Changelog

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For details on how to upgrade to Version 5.0, and for template changes, please refer to the release notes here:

Version 5.0 Release Notes


  • Removed all hardcoded text variables from new client area templates and moved to language files
  • Updated new client area template menu bar to auto hide add funds option when disabled, and display more billing related shortcuts in Billing dropdown menu
  • Added homepage widget for staff noticeboard to allow bringing to attention new notices, and simplified admin permissions config for them
  • Added homepage widget for providing an overview and quick access to support tickets
  • Updated styling of the System Overview widget box
  • Added Check All checkbox options to Clients, Products, Addons, Domains & Affiliates listings within the admin area to make sending bulk emails to all users matching a selected criteria easier
  • Added Message Preview functionality to Custom Email and Mass Mail Sending Pages to preview merge fields output and formatting
  • Renamed Network Issues Login setting to Service Status, and updated to apply to both network issues and server status pages
  • Update to Slider template to display product categories on first visit
  • Update to AutoAuth to support Contact Logins also
  • New Modules for GameCP and EEECurrency
  • Ticket close button showing even for closed tickets
  • Added Delete Stored Credit Card option to new client area template
  • Bulk domain management buttons not submitting in new default template domains listing page
  • Registrar lock always showing as disabled and not enabling on click in new default template
  • Server status port checks failing due to missing foreach key value from new default template
  • Added automatic GeoIP Lookup shortcut to admin logins widget IP addresses
  • Addons directory link missing from admin menus
  • Admin Login & WHOIS Log pages failing to retrieve actual log data
  • Client area sorting by status in both products and domains lists not working
  • Knowledgebase search failing to find matches with articles assigned to multiple categories
  • Admin support ticket notifications not always sending to all assigned admin users
  • Update to order confirmation email notification to not include admin only custom fields
  • Items being ordered in multiple quantities were not having discounts multipled up by quantity in cart
  • Update to reCAPTCHA library to use SSL for file includes when being served over SSL
  • Admin Support Department Ticket Reassignment Notification email not applying message formatting
  • Fix for PDF Invoice not showing specified tax label when tax rule relates to a specific country
  • PayPal Express module link error resolved for regular paypal payments from invoices
  • Removed protected attribute from TCPDF SetPageFormat call to allow for use within template files
  • Promotional discount not displaying correctly on invoices for new orders with prorata
  • Fix for escaping of JS code in network issues widget causing admin homepage to stop loading in some environments
  • Order Form Updates to resolve issues with comparison template summary, addons not displaying in Slider template, addons styling updates to all templates, fix for missing div tag in cart template & floating divs for products & addons in modern template becoming out of line
  • Removed number of services link from the admin clients page listing
  • Disabled error reporting in the server status monitoring file
  • Fix for auto system URL input correction with custom admin folder names
  • Printable Admin Ticket View not having line breaks and formatting applied for new tickets
  • Addon Modules duplicating config values upon save
  • Update to add support for captcha options from the system homepage domain checker, general updates to captcha input styling, fix for bulk domain checker not performing captcha validation, and updates to ajax based order forms to auto run domain transfer checks on pass thru
  • Custom module functions not displaying the success/failure response messages when run
  • Upgrades from free products being blocked on the admin side
  • Heart Internet & Nominet Sync Scripts Updates
  • Admin support sidebar not counting up tickets per department correctly under some conditions
  • Product Bundles Admin Config not saving product/domain addon values correctly, or allow promo setting
  • New Hook Points: AdminClientServicesTabFields/Save + Same for Domains, AfterRegistrarXXXFailed with XXX being Registration/Transfer/Renewal & TicketStatusChange