Version 6.0.1 Release Notes

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Release Information
Version: 6.0.1
Release Type: Maintenance
Release Date: 16th July 2015
Distribution Types: Full and Incremental Patch Set


The latest full and patch set release can always be obtained from the downloads page

Upgrade Process

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This update requires no additional steps.

Applying the incremental patch version to an existing 6.0.0 installation will perform an automated version bump and require no upgrade process to be performed.

Release Notes

  • A new setting named Store Client Data Snapshot has been added in Setup > General Settings > Invoices. Enabling this will store a copy of the clients name, address and custom field data each time an invoice is generated so that any future changes to the clients profile information do not result in any changes to existing invoices. This applies to any invoices generated from the time the setting is enabled. It will not apply to invoices generated prior to enabling the setting however.
  • This new built-in setting replaces the Fixed Invoice Data addon. If you have this addon installed at the time of upgrade to 6.0.1, the upgrade process will automatically enable the new setting and de-activate the module.

Template Changes

The following template files have changed in this release:

Order Forms

  • templates/orderforms/boxes/checkout.js
  • templates/orderforms/boxes/viewcart.tpl
  • templates/orderforms/comparison/js/main.js
  • templates/orderforms/modern/configureproduct.tpl
  • templates/orderforms/modern/js/main.js
  • templates/orderforms/modern/viewcart.tpl
  • templates/orderforms/slider/js/main.js
  • templates/orderforms/slider/viewcart.tpl

Six Template

  • templates/six/affiliates.tpl
  • templates/six/clientareadomains.tpl
  • templates/six/clientareaemails.tpl
  • templates/six/clientareahome.tpl
  • templates/six/clientareaproductdetails.tpl
  • templates/six/clientareaproducts.tpl
  • templates/six/clientareaquotes.tpl
  • templates/six/clientareasecurity.tpl
  • templates/six/clientregister.tpl
  • templates/six/configuressl-stepone.tpl
  • templates/six/header.tpl
  • templates/six/includes/pwstrength.tpl
  • templates/six/knowledgebasearticle.tpl
  • templates/six/supportticketslist.tpl



CORE-6551 (#3422) - Display user friendly error when attempting bulk domain action without selecting any domains
CORE-8603 - Update WHOIS Server definition for .ve TLD
CORE-8627 - Ensure client side form field validation allows login in order form templates
CORE-8629 - Ensure mysql_charset configuration setting is honored by legacy MySQL connection
CORE-8630 - Fix error preventing Support Ticket Clients Only Bounce email sending
CORE-8632 - Default MySQL connections to 'latin1' for better compatibility
CORE-8637 - Prevent erroneous error log entry when performing single sign-on request
CORE-8639 - Rebuild module hook cache on upgrade
CORE-8640 - Ensure correct calculation of asset base path in certain conditions
CORE-8641 - Add new hook points for pre and post invoicing generation
CORE-8642 - Use appropriate http scheme for loading helper image in Direct Debit module
CORE-8643 - New billing contact should only be created when details are changed
CORE-8646 - Prevent fatal error when custom template name contains disallowed characters
CORE-8647 - Add missing link to Export to CSV option in reports
CORE-8648 - Prevent fatal error when duplicating invoices
CORE-8649 - Active Client dropdown should auto submit on change
CORE-8667 - Allow spaces in Sequential Invoice Number Format
CORE-8668 - Optimize TLD Domains and Categories population in 6.0 upgrade
CORE-8670 - Admin client summary page should display an error when email sending fails
CORE-8673 - Add client custom fields to Boxes order form checkout step
CORE-8674 - Add built-in Client Data Snapshot setting to replace Fixed Invoice Data addon
CORE-8676 - Configurable option pricing should refresh on change of billing cycle in Modern template
CORE-8679 - Improve configurable options popup formatting
CORE-8680 - Add Configurable Options Upgrade shortcut to product view sidebar
CORE-8682 - Honor carbon-copy option in email template when sending email message
CORE-8699 - Restore client area tabs when no domains are present
CORE-8702 - Always use best available path for password strength checker
CORE-8703 - Registration page should pre-select default system country setting
VSIX-716 - Improve UI of Domain Reminder History when no history to display
VSIX-821 - Move various hardcoded text strings into translatable language files
VSIX-826 - Prevent SSL Warning on client area homepage
VSIX-834 - Knowledgebase vote for article fails when using SEO URLs
VSIX-843 - Fix fatal error occuring in domain sync cron under certain conditions
VSIX-844 - Email history in the client area should be sorted from newest to oldest
VSIX-846 - SSL Configuration process country selection should default to client value


ADDON-5950 - Project Management Addon: Improve UI of Create New Project dialog
ADDON-5952 - Project Management Addon: Auto fill Ticket # in Create New Project from Ticket View
ADDON-5953 - Addon modules with client area output/templates are being returned with extra .tpl using Windows Server
MODULE-6277 - Fix cPanel Login to Webmail button shown in legacy templates
MODULE-6281 - Quick Shortcuts displayed for all Product Types
VSIX-847 - Project Management Addon: Tasks with due dates should appear in calendar
VSIX-848 - Project Management Addon: Client Area Homepage Panel should only show when client area enabled


CORE-7532 (#4924) - API GetProducts: Option name not being returned correctly
VSIX-839 - API AddOrder: Add friendly error message return when attempting to add order to a closed client


CORE-8658 - Update Brazilian Portuguese Translation for 6.0
CORE-8660 - Update Dutch Language Translation for 6.0
CORE-8662 - Allow Login to cPanel/Webmail sidebar links to be translated
    Also known as: VSIX-418