Version 6.1 Release Notes

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Release Information

Version 6.1.0 RC 1

  • Release Type: Release Candidate (For Testing)
  • Release Date: 10th September 2015

Version 6.1.0 GA

  • Release Type: General Availability
  • Release Date: 22nd September 2015

Version 6.1.1

  • Release Type: Maintenance
  • Release Date: 7th October 2015

Version 6.1.2

  • Release Type: Security
  • Release Date: 26th January 2016

Release Information
Version: 6.1.0
Release Type: General Availability (Recommended for New Installs & Upgrades)
Release Date: 22nd September 2015
Distribution Types: Full Version Only


To download the latest version of WHMCS, simply visit

Please be aware you will need to hold a direct license with us to be able to download the WHMCS software from our website. If you obtain your license through a reseller partner, you will need to obtain the download via them.

As this is a minor version update, only a full version is being made available. There is no incremental upgrade for users of the latest 6.0 release.

Upgrade Process

View Standard Upgrade Steps

This update requires no additional steps.

Release Notes

  • New Order Form Templates - Version 6.1 introduces 4 new order form templates: Standard Cart, Premium Comparison, Pure Comparison and Cloud Slider. All of these carts are responsive, desktop and mobile friendly, and support a number of new features and options not present in earlier order form templates. For further details, please refer to the Feature Spotlight available here:
    • Standard Cart is the new default order form for all new installations. When upgrading, your default order form settings will not be altered. To take advantage of the new fully responsive mobile friendly order form however, we recommend changing your Default System Order Form setting in Setup > General Settings > Ordering.
    • To utilise the new Premium Comparison, Pure Comparison or Cloud Slider order form templates, we recommend configuring these at the Product Group level in Setup > Products/Services, where you can choose a different order form template on a per product group basis.
    • When utilising one of the new order form product selection pages, we always recommend using the Standard Cart as the system default order form template.
    • For more information on the Order Form templates and what features and functionality each supports, please refer to our Standard Order Form Templates documentation.
    • New documentation has also been made available for working with Order Form Templates which includes details on how to take advantage of the new parent relationship functionality for template inheritance.
    • All existing order form templates will continue to work without requiring any changes.
  • Expanded Product Group Functionality - The new order forms also include a range of new functionality. This includes product group headlines, taglines, featured products and product group features. For more information on this and other changes relating to product groups, please visit Product Groups documentation.
  • Health & Updates Page - The new Health & Updates page is designed to provide an overview of a WHMCS installation and system environment status. Accessable via the Help menu, it will highlight any potential configuration or security related issues that may need your attention. This feature replaces the Check for Updates page that existed previously. For further information, please refer to the Feature Spotlight available here:
  • MaxMind Address Verification Warnings - We've added a new setting to Maxmind named "Do Not Validate Address Information". This replaces the "Do Not Include City" setting that existed previously, and expands on that setting to ignore not only City based validation warnings, but also State, Zip Code and Country validation warnings. This allows for more permissive behaviour as defined by MaxMind's warning rather than error level responses. If you had the "Do Not Include City" option enabled prior to upgrading, the new "Do Not Validate Address Information" setting will be automatically enabled during the upgrade process.
  • Product/Service Unsuspension Notification Email - In 6.0 we introduced the ability to configure an email to be automatically sent whenever a product is automatically unsuspended. In 6.1, we've taken that a step further and added an option to have this email sent when performing a manual unsuspension from within the Product/Service Module Commands popups when invoking an unsuspend.
  • Support for Custom Ports in PDO - We have always supported custom ports for MySQL in WHMCS, but with the introduction of PDO in 6.0, we found that we hadn't exposed the option for defining a port via the WHMCS configuration file. In 6.1 we've addressed that and a Custom MySQL Port can now be defined using the $db_port variable. The installer has also had a dedicated field added to make it possible to perform new installations on customised MySQL setups.
  • eWay Token Payments Gateway - eWay is a leading global merchant payment services provider that operates accross a number of countries. The new eWay Tokens module included in WHMCS 6.1 is a tokenised gateway module that allows you to perform credit card processing and recurring billing without having to store credit card details locally. For more information, please refer to the eWay Tokens gateway documentation page.
  • 101Domain Domain Registrar - 101Domain is a domain registrar that specialises in the registration of international domain names, supporting many of the world's local gTLDs. For more information, please refer to the 101Domain dedicated documentation page.
  • If you are looking to perform a license refresh, this can now be done on-demand in Help > License Information.

Template Changes

Client Area Templates

Five Template


  • Lines 87-161: Added if condition to reject password reset when logged in. Reformatting of the page.

Six Template

For changes to the Six template, please see the link below for a graphical diff (via the Six template repo):

Order Forms

  • Added new order form: standard_cart
  • Added new order form: cloud_slider
  • Added new order form: premium_comparison
  • Added new order form: pure_comparison

Boxes Order Form


  • Line 431: Changed form field name from "loginpassword" to "loginpw"

Admin Area Templates

Blend Template

New Templates

  • systemhealthandupdates.tpl: Display the new "System Health and Updates" feature page.


  • Lines 209-216: Added systemhealthandupdates.php to menu. Use "Health and Updates" permission to show this menu item. Move "Config General Settings" permission check to line 216, and have it only surround systemsupportrequest.php


  • Lines 63-66: Add .margin-top-bottom-20 class, which is useful to prevent doubled spacing between vertically stacked panels.
  • Lines 81-88: Add classes to fix overflow for panels bodies and buttons.
  • Lines 1856-EOF: Added new CSS to support System Health and Updates page feature, including classes (.row-eq-height) to support CSS Flex Boxes for equal height columns. Added new CSS for displaying Product Features.

v4 Template

New Templates

  • systemhealthandupdates.tpl: Display the new "System Health and Updates" feature page.


  • Lines 213-220: Added systemhealthandupdates.php to menu. Use "Health and Updates" permission to show this menu item. Move "Config General Settings" permission check to line 216, and have it only surround systemsupportrequest.php


  • Lines 1617-1620: Add .margin-top-bottom-20 class, which is useful to prevent doubled spacing between vertically stacked panels.
  • Lines 1790-EOF: Added new CSS to support System Health and Updates page feature, including classes (.row-eq-height) to support CSS Flex Boxes for equal height columns. Added new CSS for displaying Product Features.




CORE-9551 - Ensure Kayako Loginshare enforces login correctly
CORE-9583 - Redacted



CORE-6590 (#3490) - Use fixed colors for event types in admin area calendar
CORE-6620 (#3572) - Prevent duplicate Activity Log entry when executing email marketer rules
CORE-8499 - Allow SSL Certificates to be reissued following move between client accounts
CORE-8517 - Improve logic used to determine nameservers for domain registration when multiple service records exist
CORE-8827 - Auto-select radio option when dropdown selection choice is made in tax rule configuration
CORE-8943 - Custom Fields do not show in Client Area for cPanel Products
CORE-8985 - Recent News panel renders invalid announcement URLs with SEO URLs enabled
CORE-9094 - Add ability to toggle Bulk Domain Search Enabled setting
CORE-9158 - Select-all text on click in cron and piping command configuration fields
CORE-9159 - Product groups not displaying product bundles when group contains no products
CORE-9166 - Order form minimum price parameter should obey currency formatting rules
CORE-9169 - Prevent infinite scroll on configure product and view cart steps in new carts
CORE-9170 - Cron task health checks show failed status erroneously
CORE-9172 - Inherit default domain auto renew status for new domain orders
CORE-9173 - Sequential Invoice Number Format reverts to previous value on save
CORE-9175 - Erroneous invalid expiry message when adding new card in Standard Cart order form
CORE-9176 - Extraneous space in license key causes branding to appear in client area
CORE-9182 - Toggling of addons and configurable options do not refresh order summary after cycle change
CORE-9186 - Domain name not displayed for domain registration/transfer items in cart
CORE-9197 - Standard Cart order summary loader icon does not display when summary not top aligned
CORE-9199 - Standard Cart login as existing client fails on checkout step
CORE-9203 - Secondary Sidebar Billing panel incorrectly named My Services Actions
CORE-9213 - Hide bulk search button in domain checker when disabled
CORE-9216 - Fix improper recalculation of domain add-ons


CORE-8974 - cPanel Client Area Disk and Bandwidth usage dials render as zero when over limits


CORE-9188 - Domain checker bulk placeholder language string causes lookup to fail when it includes quotes

6.1.0 GA


CORE-9042 - Fix incorrectly named login form field on Boxes order form template
CORE-9081 - Cloud Slider showing undefined on bottom slider w/ single product
CORE-9085 - Prevent Fatal Error in shopping cart product page when no products/groups configured
    Also known as: CORE-9090
CORE-9092 - Protect against mix of collations affecting admin area product listing
CORE-9095 - State field should not always be required for estimating taxes
CORE-9099 - Render product feature description in Cloud Slider template
CORE-9100 - Improve UX of Product Group Feature Entry
CORE-9103 - Ensure product status is properly styled for all languages in client area product details
CORE-9104 - Update order form sidebars to use the dynamic menu system
CORE-9105 - Improve visual display of shopping cart small device menu bar
CORE-9111 - Active admins may be blank if MySQL is strict
CORE-9117 - Make configurable options in standard cart refresh cart totals
CORE-9118 - Provide UI refinements to Standard Cart shopping cart experience
CORE-9119 - Standard cart renders free billing cycle label incorrectly in View Cart
CORE-9120 - Make Cloud Slider update displayed product information without releasing slider
CORE-9122 - Improve lack of SOAP behaviour in eWay module
CORE-9123 - Handle failure to connect to eWay Tokens Endpoint
CORE-9125 - 101domain configuration fields language/usability improvements
CORE-9126 - Standard Cart checkout page fields icons display incorrectly in Firefox
CORE-9145 - Standard Cart password strength meter default text needs improvement
CORE-9147 - Configurable option pricing should refresh on change of billing cycle in Standard Cart template


MODULE-6300 - FreeRadius always uses WHMCS database user

6.1.0 RC 1


ADDON-5948 - Tax Exempt status should be removed when changing country to home country
ADDON-5968 - Use 24 Hour Clock in Project Management Time Picker
    Also known as: ADDON-5962
CORE-6256 (#2998) - Block existing domains checks are inaccurate under certain conditions
CORE-8582 - Allow choosing number of years for registration in domain checker
CORE-8683 - Implement new order form: Premium Comparison
CORE-8684 - Implement new order form: Pure Comparison
CORE-8685 - Implement new order form: Cloud Slider
CORE-8692 - Implement new order form: Standard Cart
CORE-8723 - Interworx route call 4th parameter should be array
CORE-8737 - Implement support for eWay Rapid API Token Payments method
CORE-8739 - Deprecate previous eWay module(s)
CORE-8751 - Implement concept of Product Group Features to Product Groups
CORE-8782 - Implement ability for an admin to define a headline for a product group
CORE-8784 - Implement ability to define a product or bundle as the featured item within a product group
CORE-8800 - Maxmind module should ignore postal code and other warnings
CORE-8851 - Include product bundles in admin area products list UI for easier sorting/management
CORE-8869 - Introduce Custom Fields API Functions for easier manipulation
CORE-8900 - PDF Letter Size Setting Non-Functional
CORE-8902 - Implement email notification option on manual unsuspend from within the admin area
CORE-8907 - Improve performance when performing domain availability check with large number TLDs configured
CORE-8911 (#4299) - Introduce Guzzle to vendor components for HTTP requests
CORE-8914 - Pay All button should be hidden when Mass Payment is disabled
CORE-8918 - Starting database backups cron log entry appears duplicated
CORE-8922 - Email subjects should allow Smarty conditional logic
CORE-8946 - Registrar module passwords are lost upon re-save
CORE-8951 - Introduce support for Custom MySQL Port with PDO Connections
CORE-8962 - Network Issue status colors do not render for languages other than English
CORE-8981 - Six template header login link should use SSL when available
CORE-8989 - Add support for custom ticket status display colors to Recent Support Tickets homepage panel
CORE-8990 - Add refresh license button to license info page
CORE-8991 - Introduce Health & Updates Page
CORE-8994 - Project Management Addon: Fix attachment file upload paths in client area
CORE-8997 - Prevent fatal error when using quick upload to add a file to a product
CORE-9003 - eWay Tokens module doesn't handle all errors
CORE-9006 - Update Font Awesome library to Version 4.4
CORE-9012 - Consolidate range slider javascript in Cloud Slider template
CORE-9019 - Auto migrate project management uploads to correct path
CORE-9025 - Redesign admin area product group configuration UI
CORE-9032 - Slider position in Cloud Slider should respect featured product options
CORE-9033 - Cloud Slider slider bar honors decimal points
CORE-9036 - Hook ClientAreaPageProductDetails does not set variables for Product Details Pages rendered by a module specific template
CORE-9039 - New order form product selection pages should display group name when no headline set
CORE-9041 - SagePay rejects local IPv6 IP address
CORE-9042 - Cannot login as client on Boxes order form template
CORE-9044 - Namecheap rejects local IPv6 IP
CORE-9046 - Unsuspend email should always send if requested manually regardless of email template disabled state
CORE-9047 - Move permissions for WHMCS Connect and Health and Updates to appropriate locations
CORE-9048 - Update Standard Cart Order Form to use Headline and Tagline parameters
CORE-9049 - Prevent cron warnings appearing on first visit to Health & Updates page post upgrade
CORE-9050 - Base Order Form Template product configuration step shows configurable options heading when none exist
CORE-9054 - Add support for spaces to order form template names
CORE-9072 - Promo code icon hovers outside of box
VSIX-85 - Password reset page should redirect to client area if logged in
    Also known as: CORE-8205
VSIX-103 - Create sample announcement at install time
VSIX-329 - Missing client language directory results in an uncaught fatal exception
VSIX-405 - Preserve input values on validation error in Whois Update
VSIX-581 - Ensure key ticket information is included when ticket is printed with sidebars hidden


MODULE-6269 - ResellerClub DNS Management requires that domains be all lowercase
MODULE-6275 - OpenSRS: Implement Cookie Bypass Authentication Method
MODULE-6298 - Resolve HTML syntax error in SSL configuration process of Six template
MODULE-6305 - Yubico can't activate/auth on client side
MODULE-6308 - Worldpay Future Callback fails to render correctly without sidebars


CORE-6587 (#3485) - API: DomainWhois command returns null whois response when using json in certain conditions


CORE-8923 - Updated French Translation