Version 7.2.2 Release Notes

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Release Information
Version: 7.2.2
Release Type: Maintenance
Release Date: 31st May 2017
Distribution Types: Full Version, Incremental and via Automatic Updater


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Upgrade Process

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Automatic Updating

If you are running WHMCS 7.0 or later, you can use the built-in Automatic Update utility.

Simply navigate to Utilities > Update WHMCS to begin the process.

  If the update was released recently, you may need to click the Check for Updates button before the update will show as available.

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Release Notes

  • CORE-11339: resolves various reports of API response behavior changes. It restores the following expectations:
    • An NVP response will be provided if the request does not specify a response type and the response results do not contain nested data.
    • An XML response will be provided if the request does not specify a response type and the response results contain nested data.
  Please note that the NVP response type, while currently supported, is marked as deprecated. We highly recommend that you utilize the JSON response type format for all you API calls. As well, we encourage you to explicitly request the desired response type for consistent response structures across all your API calls and to avoid conditional processing.
  • CORE-11321: Based on user feedback, we have updated the amount of information presented to authenticated Admins when an error page is rendered.
    • If the authenticated Admin has the "Configure General Settings" permission, a stacktrace of the error will be provided regardless if Display Errors is enabled. Additional documentation reference is noted that links to the Troubleshooting Guide for common mitigation and error resolution.
    • For authenticated Admins that do not have this permission, a stacktrace is rendered when Display Errors is enabled. Additional documentation reference is noted that links to how one can enable Display Errors for further context.
    • If the error is encountered prior to startup and authentication processes, general error handling will occur since such conditional observations are not viable.
  • Additional enhancements have been made in the core error handling to mitigate the erroneous halt of normal functionality under non-critical conditions in various system and contextual environments.

Template Changes

For a list of changed files and graphical view of the exact changes, please refer to the Github repo's below.

Six Template

The following link provides a comparison of changes between 7.2.0/7.2.1 and 7.2.2:

Standard Cart Order Form

The following link provides a comparison of changes between 7.2.0/7.2.1 and 7.2.2:

Version 7.2.2


CORE-10969 - Correct OpenSRS state/province value for Yukon Territory
CORE-11250 - Correct activity log entry hyperlinking and text for sub-account failed login attempts
CORE-11254 - Correct permission asserting for Widgets of Addon Modules
CORE-11274 - Ensure appropriate marketplace content aggregation in client area under specific configurations
CORE-11275 - Prevent client discount from adversely affecting tax calculation
    Also known as: CORE-11297
CORE-11280 - Preselect parent service billing cycle in New Addon service form
    Also known as: CORE-11328
CORE-11281 - Restore template conditional which hides the language chooser when feature is disable
CORE-11283 - Prevent E_WARNING on initialization in cron
CORE-11284 - Correct cart domain renewal removal operation for Boxes order form
CORE-11285 - Improve robustness of remote server connects via GetServers API action
CORE-11287 - Improve UX of MarketConnect orders that fail to provision
CORE-11289 - Prevent pre-mature exit when activating Two Factor via client area
CORE-11290 - Restore functionality that permits negative tax rate to accommodate for specific regional requirements
CORE-11292 - Remove erroneous CSS rule for .panel-sidebar.panel-danger>.panel-heading in Six theme
CORE-11295 - Ensure JS required for the API Credentials feature is available for v4 admin template
CORE-11298 - Prevent erroneous inclusion of translated knowledgebase articles in aggregate queries
CORE-11305 - Correct database backup table locking query
CORE-11307 - Provide translation string for domain pricing page text "Please choose a category from above"
CORE-11310 - Prevent references to knowledgebase categories for non-integral database entries
CORE-11317 - Show parent product in Products/Services dropdown when adding a new addon
CORE-11321 - Provide additional help information on Oops! page for active Admin sessions
CORE-11336 - Correct Knowledgebase Article voting via POST
CORE-11340 - Ensure Knowledgebase category description is correctly populated in all Knowledgebase pages
CORE-11341 - Correct assertion and exclusion of hidden Knowledgebase categories in search results


ADDON-6007 - Populate Service ID in Product Details button on Licensing Manager search results
MODULE-6562 - Correct link and preview of MarketConnect landing pages
MODULE-6566 - Correct translation key of addon deletion confirmation in client services
MODULE-6568 - Correct Plesk update query of usage stats for product addons
MODULE-6570 - Correct service property reference for WHMSonic & VPSnet
MODULE-6571 - Correct entity reference for Virtualmin usage stats update
MODULE-6572 - Do not set a username and password for MarketConnect services
MODULE-6573 - Pass appropriate client details to Stripe when inputting credit card via AdminUI for clients without previous invoice


CORE-11334 - Mitigate PHP 7 array pointer rescope for recursive methods which cause duplicate API result nests
CORE-11335 - Ensure API action getclientsdetails populates root node for backwards compatibility
CORE-11339 - Restore default legacy NVP API response type for API actions that do not have nested results


CORE-11333 - Correct translation string reference to invoicesPaymentPending in Invoice PDF template