Version 7.3.1 Release Notes

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Release Information
Version: 7.3.1
Release Type: Security Patch
Release Date: 17th July 2018
Distribution Types: Full Version, Incremental and via Automatic Updater


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Upgrade Process

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Automatic Updating

If you are running WHMCS 7.0 or later, you can use the built-in Automatic Update utility.

Simply navigate to Utilities > Update WHMCS to begin the process.

  This update is provided as part of Long Term Support. You may use the Automatic Update utility to update to the latest Active Development release or only apply the patch for this series as described in the Automatic Updater documentation.

For more information about the Automatic Updater and troubleshooting please refer to the Automatic Updater documentation.

Release Notes

The release addresses four potential security issues as well as maintenance fixes. A full list of changes can be found in the Changelog section.

Template Changes

No template changes have been made for this release.



PMA-117 - Correct project permissions within the Project Management addon
CORE-12483 - Correct potential XSS on admin homepage
CORE-12501 - Correct client password reset logic
CORE-12478 - Correct admin access to remote servers via WHMC Connect


PMA-114 - Ensure charset is itemized in mod_project table schema definition
PMA-115 - Refine Recent Activity tab for PHP 7.1 compatibility
CORE-11699 - Prevent spurious error during upgrade related to MarketConnect products**
CORE-11711 - Correct target url for Ignore Error and Import on Ticket Import Log**
    Also known as: CORE-11720
CORE-11712 - Correct url target which allows insertion of knowledgebase links**
CORE-11715 - Correct admin link generation which reference query values**
CORE-11763 - Improve upgrade logic to prevent reaching the max prepared statement allowed by MySQL**

**Due to scope of change, these backport fixes are not included in the 7.3.1 incremental patch but are included in the full change set.