Version 7.5.2 Release Notes

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Release Information
Version: 7.5.2
Release Type: Security Patch
Release Date: 17th July 2018
Distribution Types: Full Version, Incremental and via Automatic Updater


Download the latest version of WHMCS from

Upgrade Process

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Automatic Updating

If you are running WHMCS 7.0 or later, you can use the built-in Automatic Update utility.

Simply navigate to Utilities > Update WHMCS to begin the process.

  If the update was released recently, you may need to click the Check for Updates button before the update will show as available.
WHMCS v7.5.2 requires Ioncube Loader 10.1 or higher. The Automatic Updater verifies this requirement for you in v7.4.2. If you are using the Automatic Updater and are not yet on v7.4.2, then you will not see the v7.5.2 update but only v7.4.2. Use the Auto Updater to first update to v7.4.2. After this, v7.5.2 will viewable and the Automatic Updater will be able to verify all requirements before proceeding to this latest version.

For more information about the Automatic Updater and troubleshooting please refer to the Automatic Updater documentation.

Release Notes

The release addresses four potential security issues as well as maintenance fixes. A full list of change can be found in the #Changelog.

Template Changes

No template changes have been made for this release.



PMA-117 - Correct project permissions within the Project Management addon
CORE-12483 - Correct potential XSS on admin homepage
CORE-12501 - Correct client password reset logic
CORE-12478 - Correct admin access to remote servers via WHMC Connect


CORE-12254 - Ensure todolist.php is included in distribution
CORE-12257 - Apply additional date formatting in addinvoicepayment for iOS agents
    Also known as: IOS-139
CORE-12462 - Improve error handling during license validation