Version 7.8.0 Release Notes

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Release Information
Version: 7.8
Release Type: General Availability
Release Date: 28th August 2019
Distribution Types: Download Only

Version History

VersionRelease TypeRelease Date
7.8.3Maintenance23th September 2019
7.8.2Maintenance5th September 2019
7.8.1Maintenance30th August 2019
7.8.0General Availability28th August 2019
7.8.0RC 17th August 2019
7.8.0Beta 226th July 2019
7.8.0Beta 124th July 2019


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Upgrade Process

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Automatic Updating

If you are running WHMCS 7.0 or later, you can use the built-in Automatic Update utility.

Simply navigate to Utilities > Update WHMCS to begin the process.

  If the update was released recently,

you may need to click the Check for Updates button before the update will show as available.

For more information about updating, please refer to the Automatic Updater documentation.

Release Notes

Multiple Credit Card and Bank Account Pay Methods

Clients can now store multiple Pay Methods for faster checkout. During checkout and manual payment of an invoice, clients can choose any stored Pay Method that is applicable (or create a new one) for that single payment. In addition to the ability to have multiple saved Pay Methods, this functionality also introduces support for multiple token gateways to be configured and used concurrently as well as support for storage and management of bank account payment details. Learn more...

Time-Based Tokens now Freely Available

Two-Factor Authentication via Time-Based Tokens is now available free of charge to all users of WHMCS 7.8 or later. Users of earlier versions will need to upgrade. We will cancel paid Time-Based token services automatically. Those who paid annually will automatically receive a credit. If you have a PayPal subscription you should cancel it when you upgrade.

For new installations, Two-Factor Authentication via Time-Based Tokens will be available by default to client and admin users. For existing installations if you have not previously enabled Time-Based Tokens, you can do so in Setup > Staff Management > Two-Factor Authentication. As before, administrative users can enable Two-Factor Authentication via the My Account page within the Admin Area. Client users can enable Two-Factor Authentication via the Security Settings page with the Account menu of the Client Area.

New and Improved Date Picker

A new date picker has been implemented to the WHMCS Admin Area that provides a more refined date picker experience for single date input fields, as well as a much-improved experience for selecting of date ranges in search and report filters.

Client Area Password Generator

New functionality has been made available for all password input fields within the client area that enables clients to have a password automatically generated and filled into the field. The automatic password generation is intended to help encourage the use of secure passwords with a default length of 12 characters and contain a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Ability to Hide and Retire Product Addons

In WHMCS 7.8 it is now possible to hide product addons. A hidden product addon is visible within the admin area but not visible within the shopping cart. It is also now possible to retire product addons. A retired product addon is neither visible to clients within the client area or administrative users within the admin area. Learn more...

Server Setup Autofill and Auto-complete

A new wizard-based server creation process speeds up the process of adding new web servers. Enter Server API connection details and then remaining fields are auto-filled where possible. This new wizard-based process is available in addition to the previous server creation workflow, so you can continue to use the previous UX if desired. To see the new process, visit Setup > Products/Services > Servers and click the Add new server button.

Ticket Attachment Pruning

Ticket Attachment Pruning allows you to remove attachments associated with support tickets following a defined period of inactivity. This helps to reduce disk usage as well as the liability of storing sensitive information that is no longer needed. This can be performed on-demand or automatically. Learn more...

Credit Audit Trail and Report

When an admin user adds or removes credit from a client, this is now logged. The admin user who performed the operation can be viewed within the credit log for any given client. A new report - the "Credits Reviewer Report" - has also been made available that allows for reviewing credits issued in bulk along with filtering options such as date range and admin user who performed it.

Stripe Elements & 3D Secure

WHMCS 7.8 migrates the Stripe integration to use Stripe Elements ( Primarily Stripe Elements means reduced PCI compliance requirements for you as a merchant. By using Stripe Elements, no sensitive data hits your servers and you qualify for the easiest form of PCI compliance which shields you from costly and time-sensitive audits. In addition, WHMCS 7.8 features full support for 3D Secure - also commonly known as Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode - including 3D Secure V2 which provides compliance with the upcoming SCA requirements in Europe. No actions are needed in order to leverage the new functionality, but it is important as always to ensure you update custom checkout and order form templates to ensure compatibility.

GoCardless Mandate Reinstatement

A canceled mandate can be reinstated from the Payment Gateways page in the WHMCS Admin area. This is useful when a client accidentally canceled their recurring payment. Learn more...

GoDaddy Registrar Module

A new registrar module that enables you to resell and manage domains with the GoDaddy domain reselling platform is included in WHMCS 7.8. To learn more about reselling domains with GoDaddy, visit

Date Formatting Developer Hook

Two new hook points have been made available for manipulating the date formatting within the client area. These are FormatDateForClientAreaOutput and FormatDateTimeForClientAreaOutput.

Auto Add Carbon Copy Recipients

In 7.8, support tickets opened via email will by default have any CC recipient email addresses imported and added as CC recipients for the new ticket. This can be disabled in Setup > General Settings > Support. A maximum of 20 recipients will be imported from the CC recipients.

DomainExpirySync renamed to DomainStatusSync

Cron commands with DomainExpirySync will continue to function, however, usage of that name is deprecated and may be removed in a future release. The new Cron command is now DomainStatusSync: Cron Tasks

FontAwesome updated to 5.10

This allows the use of the duotone font styling. It provides a version of every icon in FontAwesome that has two distinct shades of color.

Staff Noticeboard Addon Deprecation

No new features or maintenance can be expected. This addon will not be shipped in future releases.

Deprecation & Removal Notices

During the v7.8.0 update, a one-time routine will inspect and attempt to remove the following modules due to discontinued service by the service provider. Removal will only occur if the module is not actively in use. The Activity Log will have a list of any removals. As well, if removal is not performed and the module remains in your installation, an email will be generated to all full admins so that further investigation can be performed. An inspection will be performed for the following modules:

  • Gateways - IMSP Gateway, EMatters, Payza, Paymex, NTPNow, FastHosts, Cyberbit, Camtech

Library Updates

The following libraries have been updated or removed:


  • phpmailer/phpmailer: 5.2.26 to 6.0.7
  • stripe/stripe-php: 3.23.0 to 6.40.0


  • bootstrap 3.3.7 to 3.4.1
  • bootstrap-confirmation2 2.4.0 to 2.4.3
  • bootstrap-daterangepicker 3.0.3 to 3.0.5
  • clipboard removed
  • jQueryUI removed

New Documentation

The following new documentation pages are available:

Template Changes

For a list of changed files and a graphical view of the exact changes, please refer to the Github repo's below.

Six Template

The following link provides a comparison of changes between 7.7.1 and 7.8.3:

Standard Cart Order Form

The following link provides a comparison of changes between 7.7.1 and 7.8.3: