Version 8.2.0 Release Notes

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Release Information
Version: 8.2
Release Type: Maintenance
Latest Update: 13th July 2021
Distribution Types: Full and Via Automatic Updater

Version History

8.2.0Beta 113th May 2021
8.2.0Release Candidate 14th June 2021
8.2.0General Availability21st June 2021
8.2.1Maintenance13th July 2021


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Upgrade Process

WHMCS 8.0 and above requires PHP 7.2 or later. WHMCS 8.0 introduces support for PHP 7.4. Earlier versions of WHMCS do not support PHP 7.4.

You will only see the WHMCS 8 updates within the Automatic Updater if you are running on PHP 7.2 or later. If you are running PHP 7.1 or earlier, to update to WHMCS 8 via the Automatic Updater, you will first need to upgrade to PHP 7.2 or PHP 7.3, and then check for updates and perform the update.

Once you are running WHMCS 8, you can upgrade to PHP 7.4.

View Standard Upgrade Steps

Automatic Updating

If you are running WHMCS 7.0 or later, you can use the built-in Automatic Update utility.

Go to Utilities > Update WHMCS to begin the process.

If the update was released recently, you may need to click Check for Updates before the update will be available.

For more information about updating, refer to the Automatic Updater documentation.

Release Notes

WP Toolkit Automation

You can now easily offer WordPress® management tools using our integration with WP Toolkit for cPanel and Plesk using Product Addons. Features include a pre-made landing page, provisioning automation, SSO into the WP Toolkit interface and integrated upsells within the WP Toolkit user experience. Setup is made easier via another new feature, Predefined Addons, which provide one-click setup of WP Toolkit addons within WHMCS.

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Addon Types and Predefined Addons

WHMCS now supports a new system of addon types, which includes Independent Products, the new name for the existing type of WHMCS addon, and Add-On Features, which allow you to sell module-specific addons or features and automate provisioning through our existing addon system.

A selection of Predefined Addons is now available when you start the Add New Addon setup at Configuration () > System Settings > Product Addons. These Predefined Addons set all of the purpose-specific and common settings, leaving just the pricing for you to configure and save.

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MarketConnect now allows you to offer Site Builder. This unbranded website builder includes several plans, each competitively tailored to give the creative experience your customers need to grow their sites.

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User Identity Verification

Integrated services from give your team additional tools to verify user authenticity. You can initiate the user validation process automatically when orders are flagged for fraud review, manually while reviewing orders, or on demand for specific users. User identity verification can work in tandem with your current fraud protection configuration or as a standalone integration.

You can activate user identity verification at Configuration () > System Settings > Fraud Protection.

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Product Addons

You can now set up prorated product addons, syncing the addon's billing day with the parent product or service. You can now also quickly duplicate existing product addons.

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Payment Gateway Balances and Transactions

In the Admin Area, the Transactions list now displays gateway balance information for your activated gateways that use our latest gateway module balance functionality. In WHMCS 8.2, that includes native support for Stripe and PayPal Basic.

Additionally, developers can now retrieve transaction details through gateway modules, with initial support for Stripe. For more information on updating payment gateway modules for this functionality, see our Developer Documentation.

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Stripe Balance Widget

The Admin Area Dashboard now includes a new Stripe widget displaying your Available and Pending Stripe balances. This displays balances for each currency that is both configured in WHMCS and held with the gateway.

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Free Domain Reminders

The new Free Domain Reminders setting at Configuration () > System Settings > Automation Settings allows you to send renewal notices for free domains (domains bundled with a paid product or service) using the same configuration as paid domain renewals. In the Client Area, users will see a message instead of the option to renew free domains at Domains > Renew Domains.

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Deprecation and Removal Notices

Removed UK VAT Validation Settings

The HRMC UK VAT system no longer requires API credentials. Because of this, we have simplified VAT setup by removing the Client ID and Client Secret settings from Configuration () > System Settings > Tax Configuration.

Discontinued Worldpay Support

We have removed support for the WorldPay Invisible and Worldpay Invisible XML gateways.

New Documentation

The following new documentation pages are available:


For a list of changed files and a graphical view of the exact changes, please refer to the GitHub repositories below.

Twenty-One Theme

The following link provides a comparison of changes between 8.1.3 and 8.2.1 (Maintenance):

Six Theme

The following link provides a comparison of changes between 8.1.3 and 8.2.1 (Maintenance):

Standard Cart Order Form

The following link provides a comparison of changes between 8.1.3 and 8.2.1 (Maintenance):