Vision Helpdesk

From WHMCS Documentation

Vision Helpdesk Integration with WHMCS to override WHMCS default support module.

Follow below listed steps --

1) Copy folder vision from - integration/whmcs/modules/support/ to WHMCS installation -- /modules/support/

2) Copy config.php file from vision installation to /module/support/vision/ directory of WHMCS Installation.

example : If you have installed Vision at then you should find config.php under "support" folder

3) Edit above mentioned config.php file in whmcsinstallation/module/support/vision/

Locate line -- $this->database = "";

Below this line add one more line --

$this->domain = "";

Where == your Vision License Domain.

4) Copy the vision directory from integration/whmcs/templates/ to templates directory of WHMCS Installation.

5) In WHMCS admin, navigate to General Configuration >> Support and choose Vision in the Support Module drop down.

That's it. You are done :)