WHMCS Connect

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WHMCS Connect is a single centralised interface to administer and manage all of your servers.

Utilising Single Sign-On Technology, WHMCS Connect allows you and your administrators to quickly and easily access the control panels of all the servers configured in your WHMCS installation that support Single Sign-On, enabling you and your staff to administer and make changes without ever needing to re-authenticate.

At the time of writing, Single Sign-On is supported by cPanel/WHM servers only. Support for more control panels will be added in due course.


  • Instant access to any server configured within WHMCS
  • No longer do you have to share root passwords with your employees
  • Faster and more efficient access to perform required operations
  • Easier to revoke access from individual members of staff
  • Fine grained permission controls
  • Centralised storage and updating of API authentication details


How to Use It

WHMCS Connect can be accessed from the Admin Area via the Utilities menu from any page.

The dropdown located at the top right of the interface provides a list of all servers that support Single Sign-On. Simply select one from the dropdown to connect.

Upon choosing a server from the dropdown, WHMCS will securely communicate via the API to establish a session, and load the admin control panel interface in the lower frame. Should a session fail to be established successfully, you will receive an error message.


Access to WHMCS Connect is controlled via an admin role group permission named "WHMCS Connect". By default, only full administrator users have access to the WHMCS Connect interface.

To allow additional admin user groups access, navigate to Setup > Administrator Roles and edit the role group you wish to add it to, select the "WHMCS Connect" checkbox, and then save.

In addition, access to Single Sign-On functionality can be controlled on a per server and per admin user group basis.

By default, all administrator users have permission to perform Single Sign-On into any server configured within the WHMCS instance. Only those with access to WHMCS Connect or the Configure Servers setup pages can access the Single Sign-On functions however.

For example you can allow users of Admin Role Group 1 to perform Single Sign-On for Servers 1 and 3, while users of Admin Role Group 2 can only perform Single Sign-On to Server 2.

Permissions can be configured for a server in Setup > Servers. Edit the server you wish to adjust the permissions for, scroll down until you reach the SSO Access Control section. Then under the Access Control setting select Restricted after which a list of admin role groups will be displayed for you to be able to choose which admin role groups should be allowed to utilise Single Sign-On with the selected server.