Weebly via WHMCS MarketConnect

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WHMCS MarketConnect allows you to resell Weebly Website Builder.

Supported Actions

  • Automated Provisioning of new Weebly Site Builder Accounts
  • Single Sign-On into Weebly Site Builder from Client and Admin Areas
  • Upsells/Promotions within the client area
  • Automated Cancellation

Setup and Configuration

To activate and begin reselling Weebly via WHMCS MarketConnect, simply navigate to Setup > MarketConnect within your WHMCS admin area and click the Activate button under the Weebly product offering.

Weebly Automation

When ordering Weebly as an add-on to a Hosting Account, WHMCS and MarketConnect fully automates the Weebly account setup process.

For Website Publishing Automation, the following applies:


WHMCS will create a dedicated FTP account within cPanel for use by Weebly and will provision the Weebly account with these FTP credentials.

When a user publishes their site within the Weebly Site Builder application, Weebly will connect to and publish the website to your web hosting using these FTP credentials.


The FTP credentials will default to the domain, username and password from the parent Plesk product with a publishing path of the httpdocs directory.


The FTP credentials will default to the domain, username and password from the parent Plesk product with a publishing path of the public_html directory.

Any Other Control Panel

The FTP credentials will default to the domain, username and password of the parent product to which the Weebly service is attached. If different, the FTP details must be updated manually. See below for how to do this.

Updating FTP Publishing Credentials

FTP Publishing Credentials are stored in custom fields that can be viewed and updated when managing a Weebly service within your WHMCS admin area.

To update the FTP Publishing Credentials Weebly uses, follow the steps below:

  1. Modify the values in the FTP Host, FTP Username, FTP Password and FTP Path fields
  2. Hit Save Changes
  3. Click the "Update FTP Publishing Credentials" button to push the new details to Weebly

Admin Management Actions

For any Weebly order, an Admin user is able to perform the following actions:

  • Manage Order - Clicking this button will perform single sign-on into the Weebly control panel for the given website.
  • Update FTP Publishing Credentials - Should the client FTP details require updating, this can be done using this button. Update the custom field information, hit Save Changes, then this button can be used to update the FTP information.

From the MarketConnect Management page, admin users can also perform single sign-on into their Weebly parent account that will allow them to manage all websites under their control.

Client Management Actions

When logged into the Client Area, if a customer has an active Weebly service, they will be provided with a link to manage their website that will perform Single Sign-On and take them directly to the Weebly Control Panel to create and manage their site.

Client Area Promotions

MarketConnect supports showing Weebly promotions in the client area homepage, shopping cart and when managing a web hosting product that does not have a Weebly service attached to it. Examples of these promotions can be seen below.

Screenshot 2017-05-16 11.37.28.png

Screenshot 2017-05-10 15.48.52.png