Bulk Pricing Updater

Latest ReleaseCurrent VersionIncluded in WHMCS
November 20, 20203.0Yes

You can use the Bulk Pricing Updater addon to apply system-wide price changes to existing clients’ products, addons, and domains for criteria you set, like the product, billing cycle, status, current price, or addons.

By default, changes to the pricing of products, addons, and domain TLDs in WHMCS do not apply to existing clients. Existing clients will remain at the prices they agreed to at the time of placing an order.


Because this addon ships with WHMCS by default, you only need to activate the addon through the Admin Area.

To do this:

  1. Go to Configuration () > System Settings > Addon Modules.
  2. Click Activate for Bulk Pricing Updater.
  3. Click Configure.
  4. Select the admin role groups that will have access to this addon.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Using this Addon

You can access and use this addon by going to Addons > Bulk Pricing Updater and following the displayed instructions.

  • The available options depend on the type of item you choose to update.
  • You cannot provide a new price and an amount to increase existing prices. You must only choose one of these options.
  • Unchecking all of the Addon checkboxes will only update domains with no active addons. Checking multiple options will perform an AND search.
  • The new recurring amount is the service price including discounts and configurable options.

Updating Domain TLD Pricing

After you proceed with an update, you cannot undo the action. Check your settings carefully.

To perform a pricing update:

  1. Go to Addons > Bulk Pricing Updater.
  2. Choose the type of item that you wish to make a pricing update to.
  3. Specify the criteria for identifying the items you wish to change the pricing on by checking the corresponding TLD checkboxes.
  4. Select the statuses you want to apply the change to.
    • We recommend only selecting the Pending, Pending Transfer, and Active statuses.
    • Expired and cancelled domains won’t receive invoices again.
  5. Select the registration period you want to apply the change to (for example, one or two years). You will need to run an update for each pricing term you offer.
  6. If you only wish to change the price of domains with specific addons active, check the relevant Domain Addons checkboxes. This is useful for adjusting the price of the individual addons (for example, to increase the price of ID Protection, select ID Protection).
  7. If you use multiple currencies, set the currency to apply the change to.
    If you use multiple currencies, you will need to perform these steps separately for each currency.
  8. If you have clients who pay different prices for the item, enter the price that you want to apply the change to. This will retain the current pricing for clients who pay other amounts.
  9. Enter the new price to assign matching items to or an amount to increase existing prices by.
    Only specify one of these options.
  10. Confirm that the displayed summary is correct.
    After you confirm this, you cannot revert the change. Make certain that you have configured the change correctly before you proceed.

The system will perform the update and the addon will display the number of items that the system adjusted. If the system didn’t apply the pricing change to everything you wanted, you can go back and refine your criteria further in a second update.

You can repeat this process as many times as necessary to cover all of the different product or domain registration periods and domain addon combinations that you wish to change.

  • When you select the TLDs to update pricing for, only select TLDs that will have the same price. You must perform this action separately for separate prices.
  • When updating prices for domain TLDs, do not select Annually or Biennially. They are product billing cycles. You will need to run an update for each pricing term you offer.


Version 3.0 - 5th September 2014

  • Added support for performing updates based on Domain Addons
  • Added support to perform price increases by a relative amount
  • Redesigned interface for improved workflow
  • Various other bug fixes

Version 2.0 - 25th September 2011

  • Add Triennial support
  • Add currency selection options
  • Fixed Typo

Version 1.0 - 15th August 2009

  • Initial Release

Last modified: May 28, 2024