KashFlow Accounting

This addon module automates the entry of paid invoices in KashFlow, an accounting system for small businesses, particularly in the UK.

Live Chat

Live Chat lets you chat with customers and access customer information. Chat transcripts become support tickets after the chat ends.


This addon module integrates with MailChimp® to synchronize customer, order, and abandoned cart data for use in email marketing campaigns.

Project Management

The Project Management addon module helps you organize tasks by linking tickets and invoices with to-do items to create projects.

Reseller License Manager

The Reseller License Manager addon allows WHMCS Reseller Program members to provision, manage, and reissue their WHMCS license keys.

Software Licensing

The Software Licensing addon module allows you to license and sell your own web applications and implement remote license checking.


The SolusIO addon module allows customers to register for, manage, and configure post-pay for VMs and provisioning in SolusIO.