My Account

From any page in the Admin Area, the currently-logged-in admin can quickly access and change their account and security settings.

You can access this feature at Account () > My Account.

My Account in the Admin Area

Name and Email

The First Name, Last Name and Email Address fields allow the staff member to adjust these parts of their profile. The email address field determines where to send activated support ticket notifications (see below).

If the email address is a Gravatar account, the system will display the avatar image in the Admin Dashboard’s Staff Online widget.

Support Tickets Notifications

This section displays a list of support departments. Use the checkboxes to control the notification emails for these departments. Select one to receive notification when a client opens a ticket or replies to an existing ticket within that department.

Support Ticket Signature

The system automatically loads the text that you enter in this field into the Add Reply field when replying to a support ticket. This accepts plain text only.

My Notes

Private notes, visible only to you and Full Administrators.

For more information, see My Notes.


Change the template that the system uses to display the Admin Area. This does not affect other members of staff.

For information on customizing the Admin Area template, see our Developer Documentation.


Change the language that WHMCS displays in the Admin Area. This does not affect other members of staff.

Two Factor Authentication

If Two Factor Authentication is enabled, members of staff can activate it by clicking Click here to enable or deactivate it by clicking Click here to disable.

For more information on setting up Two Factor Authentication for admins, see Two Factor Authentication for Admins.

Password Fields

The system uses two password fields to change your Admin Area login password. Enter the new password into both fields to ensure the value is correct. To keep the password unchanged, leave both fields empty.

Confirm Password

To make any changes on the My Accounts page, you must confirm your password here before saving.

Last modified: June 24, 2024